#432 New Years Day – 1.1.16

As 2015 comes to an end, all of us at Warlock Athletics want to say thank you. Thank you guys for allowing us the privilege to coach you and being coachable. Thank you guys for working your ass off every single day you’re there. Thank you guys for taking the time to like, comment and share our social media posts. Thank you guys for sharing your great and terrible workouts that you almost died (haha) with co-workers, friends and family. Thank you guys for having your friends, family and neighbors join our gym by your constant badgering of them and sharing stories about our classes. Thank you guys for becoming family! We wouldn’t be where we are without each and everyone of you! We’re looking forward to an even healthier and more fit 2016.

Just in case you missed the memo we are closed on New Years Day. Enjoy the well deserved rest because when we get started on the second we’re going to continue kicking ass in preparation for the 2016 CrossFit Open. There are two videos below to help motivate you for 2016. I ask that you take a few minutes and write down goals (gym and non gym related) for 2016 that you will accomplish.  Watch the video you’ll understand what i mean in regards to writing down goals. By no means do you have to share your goals, if you want to share your goals (i would love to see them) email them over to e@warlockathletics.com.  I included my goals at the bottom as a template and so you guys can hold me accountable 🙂

Erik’s Gym Goals

400 lb Back Squat, 350 lb Front Squat, 300 lb Clean and Jerk, 225 lb Snatch, 20 Unbroken Muscle Ups, Sub 3 minute Fran Time, Finish top 5% in the 2016 CF Open

Erik’s Coaching Goals

Find new ways to make Warlock Athletics the best part of your day. Take the CrossFit Gymnastic Trainers course. Read Supple Leopard from cover to cover and implement more mobility and flexibility into classes. Attend the Business of Excellence Seminar to continue to improve the quality of our facility.

Erik’s Personal Goals

Spend more time outside of the gym with Sara. This goes hand and hand with finding a balance between “work” aka the gym and life outside of the gym.

“Exercise performed in a community, at high intensity makes people better. And I don’t get to be the judge, you can for yourself.”—Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder and CEO

Posted by CrossFit on Wednesday, December 23, 2015