Weekly Overview

Team! Here is the weekly overview along with a few announcements: 

  • Kids Camp: August 8-12 and August 22-26. It is for ages 5 + 
  • Summer Social: August 27 at Camp Hillcroft. Details will be out next week for sign up

Monthly Focus Workouts: 5

Heavy Lifts: 2

Metcons Over 12 Minutes: 6

August is here! Our focus this month will be the benchmark Amanda! This is one of my favorite workouts. Why Amanda you ask? Because no matter who you are improving your capacity in this workout, scaled or RX will help you become fitter. Focusing on snatches and muscle ups or a variation of them will help you in your journey, whether that is weight loss, competing or throwing down with friends, you will make massive progress  We will continue to program for the best and scale for the rest. I also want to point out that people who show up and continue to train through August make the most progress towards their goals. That being said, let’s get into this week! We will be working on our snatch throughout the month of August in preparation for the benchmark WOD Amanda which we will do at the end of the month. We will be practicing specific movements this week in order to help build capacity. On Tuesday we will see overhead squats both as a heavy lift pre wod and at a lighter weight in the metcon. Saturday we will get to work on a fun new movement, the DB split snatch which will help our coordination and balance in the snatch. Thursday, Friday, and Sunday we get to work on our pulling strength and capacity with some deadlifts, pull-ups, and rowing. 

Weight Loss: This week you  have some great opportunities to work toward your  weight loss goals. Monday you will  see push ups paired with box jumps, this will get your heart rate up and work on our push-ups game. Tuesday is a heavy day, giving us an opportunity to build some muscle with overhead squats coupled with the basic movement, the ring row. Wednesday we get to run, 800’s and 400’s! This is a longer workout that  is set up in intervals. Even if the distance is modified, it will get you moving and increase your heart rate. The distances are also short enough to help you burn fat because of the intensity, along with some programmed rest. So don’t worry too much, you’ll get some rest in there 🙂   . It will also help you understand how to pace yourself. If you’re nervous about running we can always modify so you get the most out of your workout. As a staff we’ll help you with and how to do that. .Thursday is another heavy day both for the pre-wod strength and the workout. This will help you  get stronger tobuild more muscle and in turn, burn fat. The deadlifts in the workout are paired with jump rope. An awesome combination of strength and cardio for the middle of the week. Friday is a fun and challenging workout that will really work your midline with those wall ball shots and the pull-ups. We also get to hit more midline after that workout with weighted sit ups. We need to keep you and that summer six back going all the way through! Saturday is for burpees! We choose how far we push in this one by adding two reps each round while moving for 16 minutes. We see some more midline work here with the knees-to-elbows. Sunday is one of my favorites, it will get us sweaty really quick. There is a long distance row paired with a front rack hold and pull-up bar hang. Make sure you grab some chalk for the hold and hang. My favorite days for weight loss this week are Saturday, Thursday, Wednesday and Tuesday! 

Community: We have quite a few opportunities to partner up this week. Both Tuesday and Thursday have a pre-wod lift where we can work together, and take out less plates 😉  This is also a great time to support and cheer on other athletes in class. On Wednesday we can run together, pushing each other to make it within the time domain and motivating others in class to get back up that perfectly placed hill. Friday’s post workout piece we get to work together to accumulate weighted sit-ups passing the weight back and forth for each rep. You can really have some fun with that one haha. Sunday is an awesome because of the communication needed between you and your partner workout, with one athlete rowing while the other is holding a front rack hold for the first half of the row and then hanging from the rig on the second half of that row. Super fun and challenging workout to end the week. My favorite days for this week for community are Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This month we have The Warlock Kids Camp (Aug. 8th-12th & Aug. 22nd – 26th) and more importantly the Summer Social on August 27th! Both are great ways to connect both inside and outside of the gym. 

Competitor: Monday starts with a descending ladder of push ups and box jump overs. Use the box jump overs to push the pace of the workout especially toward the end. Tuesday we get to move some heavy weight overhead in the pre-wod strength which will make the workout weight feel nice and light. I’m looking for you to finish that round of 18. Let’s be smooth on the front end and pick it up as we go into the rounds of 12/15/18 and 21. Also, don’t sleep on the ring rows. This will give you some much needed horizontal pulling volume. That will help improve your clean / snatch and act as accessory work to fatigue the shoulders for overhead squats without actually doing pull ups. Remember, it’s simple, not easy. Wednesday is a great monostructual anaerobic interval  workout! Improving your running ability often times leads to increasing in strength.  Let’s find an uncomfortable pace on these and try to hold that same time each round. Thursday is one of my favorites for this week. We have heavy deadlifts at 315/225 and max double-unders in one minute intervals with two minutes off between rounds. These are one minute sprints. See if we can hold onto your max double-under number each round with the goal being unbroken deadlifts so pick a weight you can do unbroken with speed. Friday is a fun and challenging workout. The height for the wall ball shots is higher than usual. Try to hold an unbroken set for the wall balls and break up the weighted pull-ups into sustainable sets. Saturday we get to try a new movement that will help us work on our coordination and agility when it comes to snatching. Move well through the split snatches and push on the burpees to be able to get into the round of 16. We end the week with a fun rowing workout that we can use as a flush or use as an opportunity to push the row andsweat. Your focus this week is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Gymnastics Focus: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

Weightlifting Focus: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Open Prep: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

As always there’s plenty of bonus work below! 3,2,1 Let’s have a great week.