Thursday October 28, 2021

“In general, whenever I feel things are moving too quickly, I find the right instinct is almost always to slow down and get my thoughts back in order. It ends up speeding things up because we get better decisions and more alignment of everyone on the team.” – Mike Maples Jr

Partner Rowing Warm Up: 
10 Minutes:

Partner A: Rows to 150m, for every meter partner A rows over 150m, they must perform that many strict-burpees (burpees with an honest push-up)or candlesticks
Partner B: As soon as partner A gets off of the rower, partner B starts on their own 150m row.

Bench Press Loading:
1 Sets x 10 Reps @45/35
2 Sets x 5 Reps (lightweight)
3-4 Sets x 5 Reps (increasing weight)

9 Sets For Load:
Bench Press 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1

Time: N/A
Loading: 5/5
Skill: 2/5
Volume: 2/5

Intermediate and Beginner:
Same as Rx

Limited Equipment: 
Minute 1: 30 Seconds DB Tempo Floor Press
Minute 2: 30 Seconds Alternating DB Renegade Row

Movement scaling options: 
Bench Press: Decrease loading and increase reps, DB Pressing options.

Cool down: 

2 Sets For Quality:
1 Minute Top of Dip or Plank Hold
15 Single-Arm Ring Rows / Arm
1 Minute Chin-Over-Bar Hold
15 Single-Arm Ring Rows / Arm

1 Minute Doorway Pec-Stretch / Side
1 Minute PVC Cuban Press