Sunday June 20, 2021

“Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong.” -McKayla

WOD: Blake – 4 Rounds For TIme
100 Ft Walking Overhead Lunge @ 45/25
30 Box jUmps @ 24 inches
20 Wallball @ 20
10 HSPU 

Stimulus: Pacing
Let’s have round 1 be our slowest and round 4 be our fastest as we chip away at this hero wod

Strategy: There’s a lot of overhead work in this WOD> The only real break overhead is the box jumps. Realize we can go smaller on the wallball in order to save ourselves for the HSPU. We want to do the Overhead Lunges in as few sets as possible, and recover on the box jumps. Wallball in small sets that don’t interfere with the HSPU. HSPU in sets where we don’t fail and they are consistently the same size

No HSPU: 20 Push Ups