Saturday August 12, 2023

“The real workout starts when you want to stop.” – Ronnie Coleman

Warm Up: 
3 sets:
10 twist and reaches
10 side lunges (5/leg)
5 goblet squats (light)
5 paused goblet squats (light)

Specific Warm-Up:
3-4 sets:
5-7 back squats

Back squat:

Same as Rx

Back squat:

Home Workout: 
7 sets of :45 of work for reps:
10 DB walking lunges
Max-reps DB front squats (35/50 lb)
– Rest 1:15 between sets.
– Use two DBs.

Movement scaling options:
Back squat: Load, increased reps and decreased weight, range of motion (to a target), front squat, DB squat

Post-Workout Skill Work: 
10 rounds AFAP, alternating with a partner:
10 box jumps (24/30)