Monday December 13, 2021

“Be a good husband/wife/mom/dad/friend.” – Joel McHale 

Dynamic Partner Running Warm Up: 
On a 6 Minute Clock:
Partner 1 performs a 100m jog while Partner 2 performs a movement.
1) Alternating Single-Leg Toe Touches
2) Inchworm + Push-up
3) Samson Stretch
4) Alternating Toe Touch in Plank
5) Air Squat + Good Morning

Specific Warm-Up: 
3 Sets x 100m Jog
5 Sets x 100m Jog
1 set x x200m

For Time:
Run 2.5K

Intermediate and Beginner: 
Same as Rx

Movement scaling options: 
Max Distance in 12 Minutes

Alternate Workout: 
5K C2 Bike
6.5K Assault or Echo Bike
2.5K Row
2.5K Ski

Midline Skill Work:
30 GHD Sit-ups
30 Candlesticks
1:00 L- Sit
30 Back Extensions
30 Hip Extensions
Break reps up into smaller sets as needed. Avoid working through this for speed. Instead, work through at a consistent pace while focusing on the quality of reps.