Friday October 13, 2023

“Part of your biggest problem is yourself.” -Anonymous 

Warm Up: 
3 sets:
:30 air squats
:30 up-downs

:30 rest

3 sets:
:30 bottom of squat hold
:30 burpees

Specific Warm-Up:
3-5 sets:
5 front squats
– Build in load each set to work to the first working set.
– Rest 1:00-2:00 between sets.

For load:
Front squats
– Increase loading on each set as you build to a 10-rep max.

Same as Rx

Same as Rx

Home Workout: 
On a running clock:
At 0:00:
Every 2:00 x 4 sets, each for time:
10 DB-facing burpees
10 DB front squats
– Use two DBs.

At 8:00:
Max-rep unbroken DB front squats
– Perform as many reps without sacrificing technique as possible. The set ends when the DBs are put down.
– Use two DBs

Movement scaling options:
Front squat: Load, range of motion to box, DB front squat, goblet squat

Cool down:
1 set:
1:00 pigeon pose/side