Friday March 26, 2021

“Don’t let anyone work harder than you do.” Serena Williams 

Presents By: DS Electric
Hospitality: Hudson Valley Credit Union

Heat 1: 5:30
Dawn R – JoJo
Sondra – Alex
Sharon W – Deb D
Harrison – CJ
Brian W. – Rebecca
Phil B – Russ
Samn – Abbie

Heat 2 6:02
Maria H – Russ
Amy K – CJ
Denise O
George Q – Ryan
Z – Rebecca
Peter – Abbie
Vaso – Jose

Heat 3: 6:34
Jules – Rebecca
Claudia – Abbie
Anita – CJ
Steve B – Russ
Caroline – Jose
Tim S – Jenks
Alicia W – Ryan

Heat 4: 7:06
Marina – Alex
Nikki – Deb D
Mike K – Abbie
Jenay – Russ
Eric K – Jose
Eric V – JoJo
Karen G – Rebecca

Heat 5: 7:38
Lydia – Alex
Lidia – Abbie
Richie – Rebecca
Rob G – Deb D
Kristin – Russ
Drew – Anita
Bryce – Amy

Heat 6: 8:12
Marjorie – Amy
Mary – Russ
Tabby – Ryan
Nicole W – JoJo
Justin F -Phil
Ken W – Samn
Carlos – Anita

Heat 7: 8:44
Allie T – Russ
Jackie P – Abbie
Dan D – Rebecca
Lewis – Deb D
Kim T – JoJo
John S – Brian W
Alex P – Phil

Heat 8: 9:16
Erica M – Anita
Cory V – Abbie
Terrance – Phil
Pitcher – Russ
Dave S – Brian W
Mike M –
Locks – Rebecca

Heat 9: 9:45
Nicole C – Anita
Jenks – Rebecca
Jose – Amy
Heather – Brian W
Ryan – Russ
Erik – Phil

8 Minutes for Quality:
15 Line Hops
10 Air Squats + 10 Push Ups + 10 Sit Ups 

Barbell – Switch Every Round
5 Full Grip Front Squats
5 Zombie Squats
5 1 ¼ Front Squats

Front Rack Box Stretch
Warrior Squat

21.3 FNL White Out Party

FNL Kicks off at 5 PM-9PM. Please visit for a full breakdown and explanation of the workout along with movement standards. You are responsible for knowing and understanding all movement standards. We will brief athletes on the standards at 5 pm for the Open please be there for the explanation or know the standards. We will assign you a heat time and judge for the Open. 

If you are interested and available to judge please email it’s greatly appreciated and helps our night run smoothly. 

Athletes will be assigned heats that will be posted by 3 pm on Friday on Warlock based on the workout with rig space, judges, equipment and much more. You are responsible for knowing your heat time. If you are not attending please let Erik know by emailing him at 

If you need special accommodations above and beyond please let Erik know from Thursday at Noon till Friday at Noon. Do not send your request in before Thursday at noon. Please and Thank you.