Bring a Friend Day: The Story of “Phil’s Friend”

Here’s a look into how Anthony (he does have a name) became a member at Warlock CrossFit.

“Phil and I are lifelong friends. He introduced me to CrossFit years ago. We would follow programming while working out in a school gym and I immediately liked how it was structured. 

Eventually we decided to join CrossFit gyms. Due to location and schedules, we wound up at separate gyms. Phil would talk to me about his experiences at Warlock and during the open in 2022. He asked me to drop in and do one of the workouts there.

It was electric to say the least. The community, the excitement; I couldn’t wait to come back and drop in on a class. When I did, I realized that this was the place where I wanted to continue my fitness journey. The coaching is stellar and the various programs offered undoubtedly launch members forward to meet their goals. It’s the place where I’m happiest everyday. 

Fast forward a year later; my fitness, nutrition, and skills have improved more than I could have imagined. I am so excited to see where this journey leads and am enjoying the process! I am grateful for my friend Phil who pointed me in the direction of Warlock. ” – Anthony D. 

“I encouraged Anthony to come to Warlock for a workout last year. The support of the coaches and the members really make Warlock a special place. I knew he would be immediately welcomed and soon see improvements to his fitness. He started to drop-in during Saturday morning classes, and the rest is history—He’s here more than me now!”
-Phil B. 

If you’re interested to start your fitness journey join us for this Saturday April 22 from 8-11 am at our Bring A Friend Event. You can come hang, watch, socialize or workout. Hopefully you’ll get to meet Anthony and Phil along the way! Looking forward to helping you get started!

  • The Warlock CrossFit Team