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Our program efficiently combines the most effective training methods of weightlifting, gymnastics and high intensity cardio. Our coaches are knowledgeable and passionate. Led by Erik Zeyher (the only Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainer in the area), our staff will help you reach your goals and have a ton of fun along the way. We have up to 10 classes a day and all are open to new members. Be prepared for members to know your name, become your friend, care when you miss classes, and cheer for you at the end of a workout.

As a first time member you get to take our “On Ramp” classes. There are Three – One-on-One On-Ramp Classes with our certified trainers. During classes you will learn the basics of weightlifting, bodyweight movements, exercising safely, nutrition and mindset. Each session will include a warm up, skills of the day, practice of those skills, a chalk talk, and a Workout of the Day (WOD).  On Ramp is scheduled on a One-on-One basis to accommodate your schedule and give you the best possible learning experience in order to reach your goals as quickly as possible.

CrossFit is universally scalable, making it the perfect for any individual – regardless of age or ability. Based on your ability, our trainers will help you to scale load(s), movement(s) and intensity, without changing the programing.

Warlock CrossFit will help you obtain measurable, meaningful results that make a difference in your daily life. We want to work with you to set fitness goals and help make them a reality. To get started, send a note to or click the button below to get signed up. Looking forward to having you at Warlock CrossFit



“Right now I’m down 25 lbs from when I started at Warlock! I feel better, I’m performing and training better. I want to see how far I can go with CrossFit. I learned how that nutrition is the foundation of everything at Warlock and if you don’t have that you’re not going very far.”  – Lewann T.

“Since November 2017 I have lost 137 pounds, 52 of that since joining Warlock CrossFit. I’ve hit my first goal. That was to beat diabetes. On August 3rd I went to the doctors and was taken off my diabetes medication. My a1c was 5.1 that day! I am now working on goal number 2 to come off my blood pressure medication. I also want my weight to start with a “2”. It originally started with a “4”. I want to be fit and be the best CrossFit athlete I can be. Lastly I want to be a better fireman and gain my interior status again.” -Kenny aka Slimmy

“It’s been a wonderful experience for me to see how I’ve changed mentally and physically. I’ve lost 20 lbs and 17 inches. What I like the most is the confidence I’ve gained being a 55 year old woman. Seeing this transformation in myself has made me feel so good about myself and how I approach my life.”

– Stephanie K.

“Warlock Athletic Academy put me on the course of success. Not only have I gotten fitter from the supportive environment of Warlock, but I’ve become a better student and athlete because of it. I stopped eating so much and started watching what I was eating and sure enough, I lost about 35 – 40 pounds because of Warlock. I used to think losing weight was absolutely impossible until I learned about nutrition and CrossFit. That taught me that nothing is impossible and that giving up only leads to my end.” – Rommy

 “I am a type 2 diabetic. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago after having pancreatitis 3 times and having my gallbladder taken out. I’ve been taking meds for the past 8 years and since the medicine was “controlling” my blood sugar, i didn’t take care of myself. I finally decided enough was enough and started at Warlock CrossFit. Since then I’m down almost 40 lbs and no longer a Type 2 Diabetic. I’m off all of my medication. It’s huge! Never in my life have I felt this good.  It’s a great group of people to work with at Warlock and it’s fun!” – Andrew P.

Read about Drew in the CrossFit Journal

“I had been running for a year and a half, training for triathlons, running 2 days a week, swimming 2 days a week and biking once a week as long as one long training day on Saturdays where I would do 3-4 hours a day. One day a guy i was dating took a picture of me in a somewhat tight shirt. It was at that moment that I looked at myself and I was disgusted. How could I be working out so much and still be fat? Through Warlock we were able to devise a program that allowed me to maintain my endurance while building strength. Now Nearly a year later I do CrossFit 3 days a week, my mile time has gone from 11 minutes to 9.5 and I’m 35 lbs lighter! I’m so grateful to Warlock for giving me the strength and confidence to accomplish my goals!” – Bridget H.

“I fell in love with weights and Warlock CrossFit training. I have learned so much about nutrition, fitness and how it impacts, not just my weight but my everyday life. I’m definitely in the best shape of my life because of Warlock.” – Kelly T.

“I was done playing college soccer and was looking for something to get me where I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve been a hard gainer my whole life and I was never one of the strongest athletes. I wanted to be stronger, faster, and even more explosive. Warlock CrossFit gave me a team atmosphere, a family to help push me to make me better as an athlete and in every aspect of my life. I’ve had tremendous results from CrossFit and the best part from all of this is the personal growth and friendships. Because of Warlock I’ve become a better husband, coach, athlete, owner and everything else in between.” – Erik Z.

“About 26 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Due to flare up i’ve had my large intestine’s removed. I thought I was “fit” before CrossFit because I was going to the gym but I had it all wrong. So Warlock CrossFit and I crossed paths and let me tell you, I have never in all my life ever felt as great as I do today. At Warlock I’m in the best shape of my life and learning so much about nutrition and fitness!”

– Patty C.

“One year to the day! All I could hope for was a healthy baby girl and to bounce back from the transformation. I started my journey at 138 lbs, got up to about 185 lbs and now sit comfortably at 135. I ate healthy and worked out consistently until I had Ellie. Thanks Warlock CrossFit and their coaches for their encouragement during my pregnancy and I can’t wait to make it back into the gym. Thanks Steven for not going out at 3 am to buy me ice cream when I wanted it.” – Jennell H.

“When I started my journey I was tired of going to the gym and not getting any results. I found Warlock CrossFit and instantly fell I love with the way it pushed your limits everyday. I weighed 265-270 when I started then dropped down to 235 with just going to class. After getting into the nutrition program I’m now down to 199lbs. My life has completely changed and I have Warlock, the coaches and everyone that kills it everyday with me in class to thank for it.” – Matt T.

Heather R.

“Having two babies within 2.5 years, being a stay at home mom for almost 8 years and neglecting myself for way too long, I decided it was time for a change. I started yoga at Warlock and eased my way into CrossFit. Fast forward 3.5 years and I’m down 20+ lbs. I’m a full time coach doing what I love and I’m striving to be the best role model I can be for my two daughters. Warlock CrossFit has changed my life! It has allowed me to show my girls that women can be strong, that what we eat matters and that we need to take care of our bodies”

– Heather R.

“As a former competitive athlete and new mother, I was long overdue for a healthy and lasting lifestyle adjustment. Warlock CrossFit was just the motivation I had been looking for. The challenging workouts and nutrition coaching have helped me bring my fitness back on a new level. I’m currently 25 pounds lighter and feeling so much better than I was just three months ago. I’ve finally found my groove again. This is a  continuous journey, and I’m looking forward to more progress and gains every step of the way.” – Christa A.



Our services include:

Questions? email, call 845.406.4356 or stop in.


1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching

Warlock CrossFit has an online personalized nutrition coaching service that transforms the lives of our members and non members to help them reach the goals they always wanted too. At Warlock CrossFit we believe that the foundation is your nutrition, which is also the fastest way to help you move the needle to reach your goals. Warlock uses a flexible dieting approach in a judgement free environment to help you achieve your goals every step of the way!

Click Here To Join

Cost: $120 per month. Minimum of a 3 month commitment.

What you get:

  1. Your own coach. You coach will help guide you through the “process” on your way to your goals. You will have access to your coach by email, facebook messenger and text message. We’re here to help you
  2. Weekly Check ins. Our coaches send out weekly checks in to make sure you’re accountable and on track to your goals.  We use this as an opportunity to not only make sure your on track but to help educate you and grow.
  3. Feedback and ways to improve. Our coaches want to see you grow and learn while your with us. Our goal is to build healthy eating habits with you and so you understand how to eat now and for years to come.
  4. No restrictions. We teach you how to eat the foods you love in whatever the eating environment works best for you (keto, paleo, vegan etc).



Warlock CrossFit

CrossFit is a regimen of constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity (Crossfit Inc.).
What does that mean? Your workouts will be made up of movements that you use in your daily life, but done at a fast pace. These workouts are different everyday, so your body is always changing and trying to adapt in the best possible way. We will constantly push you to new limits with different workouts, so you’re not bored and always challenged. One of our certified Level 1 CrossFit trainers will work with you individually, or in a small group setting to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit through our On Ramp Program.

CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

Kids Academy

Warlock Academy

Warlock Athletic Academy! Where Youth Athletes Get Stronger, Faster and Better. Our goal is simple – to help you (or your child) become a better athlete. We focus on compound lifts and movements that result in stronger, more explosive athletes. We take the time to teach you, our athletes lifting techniques and mechanics so that you understand how to move and how you can improve your movement to become stronger, faster and more explosive. Our program is made up of plyometrics, compound lifts, calisthenics and basic gymnastics movements that grow with the athletes.

Getting stronger, faster and becoming better is not just physical. We also challenge our athletes to grow stronger mentally, by pushing them to become mentally aware and discovering that they are capable of much more than they realize. Developing mental toughness in athletes is just as important as physical achievement at Warlock Athletic Academy.

With improved knowledge and training, our athletes generate more force, power and speed to perform better in their specific sport. This program challenges athletes at every level and will challenge athletes around them to become better. That being said we also scale workouts for athletes so they can achieve a similar stimulus to maximize their improvement while working out.

We offer three, 1-hour classes per week for athletes between the ages of 13-17 and ages 9-12. Descriptions are the schedule for both of those age groups.

Click Here to get signed up

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Erik at or 845.406.4356.

Warlock Athletic Academy is directed by Warlock Athletics Owner, Former Arlington Varsity Boys Soccer Coach, Former Marist College Division One Soccer Player, Who’s Who For American College Students, Marist College and Arlington Alumni, Erik Zeyher.


On Ramp – Three One-On-One Classes $150

Monthly Unlimited 

$200 – (not recurring) | $175 – (recurring)

Unlimited visits each month. Yoga Included

6 Month Unlimited

$900 – (unlimited classes. 10% discount for service)

12 Month Unlimited

$1620 – (unlimited classes. 10% discount for service)

3 Days Per Week

$175 (not recurring) | $150 (recurring)

10% discount for all Service Workers: Law Enforcement, EMT, Military, Fightfighters, Teachers


$10 Per class for drop ins

Drop Ins

Current members of an affiliated CrossFit Gym may drop in to any of our classes. Please be sure to arrive 10-­15 minutes early to find the location and fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Visiting for 1 Day: $20 or buy a T-Shirt

Visiting for 2-5 Days: $65

Visiting for 6+ Days: Call or contact us for more information.

Cancellation Policy


Download the MindBody Connect App and view our most up to date schedule.

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Road Workouts

We have a lot of people ask us for workouts while they’re away. We asked each of our coaches to design a workout or tell us their favorite workouts while traveling. The are for your guys while you’re away on the road, in a hotels, overseas etc. When you’re away from Warlock, we gotcha covered! Any questions let us know. You can also Click Here for our recovery day protocol

1. For Time: 27-21-15-9
Double Dumbbell Snatches @ 50/35

Erik Zeyher CCFT L-3

2. The Chief with Dumbbells
AMRAP 3 x 5 Rounds
3 DB Cleans @ 50/35
6 Push Ups
9 Air Squats

1 Minute rest between rounds. Score is total rounds. Only count full rounds

Erik Zeyher CCFT L-3

3. Annie: 50-40-30-20-10
Double Unders
Sit Ups

Heather Rancourt L-2

4. Death By Burpees
Every Minute on The Minute Go up by 1 burpee.

LewAnn Taylor L-1

5. On The Every 2 Minutes x 8 Rounds
10 Burpees | 15 Air Squats | 10 V – ups

*modify with tuck ups if needed
*Score is slowest round

Ashley Rios L-2

6. Partner WOD – AMRAP 10 – With a partner
1 Mile run buy in, switch as needed
AMRAP Double Dumbbell Snatches @ 40/25

Sara Zeyher L-1

7. 20 Minute Run – At the top of every minute 10 DB Push Press.

Rest 3 Minutes

Then 5:00 of Max Effort Burpees

CJ Russo L-2

8. For Time:
10-1 Laps (pool sprint)
1-10 pool deck muscle ups.

If there is a pool, if not you can’t do this. You need a pool.
If you can’t do the pool deck muscle up just climb out of the pool or do push ups.

Mike Wiesenthal L-2

9. For Time:
100 Dumbbell Alternating Lunges in place (DB in rack position) @ 50/35
100 Sit Ups
100 Push Ups

Meaghan Martin L-1

10. EMOM x 20
Odd: 45 Second Cal Row (cruise ships and some resorts have a concept 2 erg)
Even: 45 Second Burpees

Score is total reps
Replace Cal Row with 50 Double Unders if you don’t have a rower.

Erik Zeyher CCFT L-3

11. 2 Rounds For Quality
:30 second DB OH Hold (left arm) – 15 V-ups
:30 Second DB OH Hold (right arm) – 15 V-ups
:30 Second Double DB Front Rack Hold – 15 V-ups

Feel free to replace the DB Hold with any of the following movements
DB Push Press
DB Row
Push Ups
Single Arm Thrusters

Erik Zeyher CCFT L-3

Other Road WODS:

1. AMRAP 7 – Burpees
2. 10-1 Burpees and Air Squats or Dumbbell Squats
3. 4 Rounds – 400M Run / 50 Air Squats
4. 6 Rounds – 10 Push Ups, 10 Air Squats, 10 Sit Ups
5. Run 1 Mile – EMOM 10 Air Squats
6. Surfer On Acid – 3 Rounds For Time: 400M Run | 21 Burpees
7. Dumbbell DT – 5 Rounds – 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power Cleans, 6 Push Jerks
8. 3 Rounds For Time: 75 Double Unders / 50 Air Squats / 400M Run
9. Durante Core – 4 Rounds of 10 Hollow Rocks | 10 V-Ups | 10 Tuck Ups | 10 Second Hollow Hold 1 Min rest after each round
10. For Time: 30-20-10 DB Thrusters @ 35/20 | Burpees

Recovery Day Protocol



Erik Zeyher ­

  • Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3)
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
  • Power Monkey Camp
  • Competitors Training Camp
  • Aerobic Capacity Ambassador
  • Arlington Graduate
  • Marist College Graduate
  • NCAA Division 1 Athlete
  • CPR AED First Aid Certified

CJ Russo

    • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
    • High School Phys. Ed. Teacher
    • Aerobic Capacity Ambassador
    • Power Monkey Camp
    • Competitors Training Camp
    • CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
    • 2x CrossFit Games Athlete
    • Pace University Graduate
    • NCAA Division 1 Athlete

Mike Wiesenthal­

      • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
      • Arlington Graduate
      • SUNY Oswego Graduate
      • NCAA Division 3 Athlete
      • CPR AED First Aid Certified

Melissa Peppe

      • RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Certified
      • Arlington Graduate
      • SUNY Albany Graduate

Timothy Boland

        • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
        • CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
        • SUNY Delhi Graduate

      Sara Zeyher

                • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
                • Aerobic Capacity Ambassador
                • Precision Nutrition Certified
                • Marist College Graduate

      Heather Rancourt

              • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
              • CPR AED First Aid Certified

LewAnn Taylor

          • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
          • CPR AED certified
          • Liberty University Graduate

Ryan Arket

          • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
          • Arlington Graduate
          • SUNY Albany Graduate


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We would love to hear from you! Shoot us an email, or come on by!

60 Firemen’s Way Poughkeepsie, NY 12603


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We have moved. Our new location is 60 Firemen’s Way Poughkeepsie, NY 12603


Warlock CrossFit is looking for a full time Coach to augment a highly trained and motivated team. We are constantly striving to improve the Warlock team with talented and motivated individuals. Our goal is to give our members the best hour of their day; that is accomplished by creating a supportive, professional and fun training environment with excellent leaders. At Warlock CrossFit we are obsessed with coaching. We eat, drink and sleep coaching. We love early alarms and late nights. As a coach you will lead, teach and help develop a community of athletes while ensuring all facets of the operation exemplify the core values of Warlock Athletics.


Full-Time position available, 30-40 hours per week. CrossFit Level 1 required, Level 2 preferred.

Compensation: Highly competitive hourly rate commensurate with experience, abilities, evaluation and expertise. Warlock offers educational incentive pay and personal training bonuses. Full time employees are eligible for paid vacation.

Warlock puts $150 towards all approved professional development.

Warlock Internship Program
– 2-6 month commitment.
– 6 hour scheduled shift.
– Unpaid, includes room for growth post internship.
– College credits available.
– Level 1 not required, but preferred.

Member Manager
– Is responsible for improving our existing members daily experience along with meeting and introducing prospective members to Warlock CrossFit.

– 20-30 Hours per week mostly between the hours of 4-8 pm Monday – Friday.

– Minimum 1 year customer service experience, understanding of fitness community, computer skills, excellent interpersonal skills are required.

– Compensation Highly competitive hourly rate commensurate with experience, abilities, evaluation and expertise. Warlock offers educational incentive pay plus performance objective bonuses.


To schedule an in person interview, contact

Please attach any documentation you would like us to review beforehand!

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