Weekly Overview November 14 – 20

Team! Here is the weekly overview and bonus work along with a friendly reminder to save  December 3rd to your calendar for the Warlock Holiday Party! 

Weightlifting Movements: 9 
Heavy Days: 4
Workouts Over 12 Minutes: 5

A few things to focus on this week! Multiple pre and post workout lifting opportunities (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday).
Hero workout DT on Tuesday 
Open Workout 20.2 is a light weightlifting endurance test 
5K Row/10K Bike on Sunday is meant to give you a rest from weightlifting reps and volume. 

Monday: Use the warm up runs and the post WOD accessory work to connect with members of the community. Be the come with me teammate during the 3x of GHD and banded work
Tuesday: Partner up with a friend for the PreWOD skill work to create fun energy around this 10 minute EMOM for lifting. Use that same energy to honor DT
Wednesday: EMOM of strict work is a great chance to converse, work together and push one another to get better. Use the Post workout 2 minute rest to hold each other accountable to exactly two minutes of rest.
Thursday: Agony coupled with laughter is a great way to build community. Today’s workout should do exactly that! Have fun and push each other to hold your consistent pace for each round of this workout. 
Friday: You have a heavy push press in the PreWOD. Use that as a way to build camaraderie with your class weights. Try working with a partner that you normally don’t lift with. Extend the olive branch and make a new friend if the opportunity arises. 
Saturday: 200KB Swings between you and a partner. Saturday classes tend to be bigger so if you missed the opportunity to work with someone different this is a second chance to do that in the pre workout and WOD
Sunday: Great opportunity to pace off friends and others around you. Use the community to your advantage to either keep going, go faster or drag others along with you. 

Weight Loss:
Monday: This is a great opportunity to move your body weight through a consistent 11-16 minute workout. It involves only two movements so there’s no where to hide. It will be extremely effective. 
Tuesday: Move weight is one of the best ways to lose weight. DT offers you the opportunity to move a moderate load for a lot of reps in a short window of time. There’s also a strength part before. These two paired are one of the best things you can do for weight loss. 
Wednesday: Even though Wednesday involves strict work this is a great opportunity for you to continue to see how you continue to make progress with pull ups and dips, whether that’s banded or without bands. Keep track of the specifics so you can see yourself making progress throughout this journey. There’s a lot of steps to progress along the way of, “I can’t do a strict pull up” to, “I can”. They involve different bands, different heights, same height but getting more reps, same reps and it feels easier. So continue to keep track in sugar WOD and measure progress for what is best for you. The bike part on the back end you’ll get to really open it up on the bike and carry as far as you can. 
Thursday: Probably one of my two 2 favorite cardio workouts in the realm of CrossFit. This hits the entire body. What people don’t realize is that it’s very midline heavy between the toes to bar and the double unders. The trick with this is to pick a sustainable pace so you keep moving. It should feel like a 20 minute run, it’s just 3 different movements.
Friday: You get to again build your strength and then test your bodyweight movements in this awesome 2x 5 minute AMRAP workout. It’s a beautiful and simple workout with a pull on the rower and then push ups. Both movements seemingly bodyweight, yet both have hidden strength components to them. 
Saturday: We’ll again get to use our midline, backside and arms with KBS and front rack holding. This is a great partner WOD where we’re working the entire time whether that’s in the front rack hold or doing the swings. 
Sunday: You have a 5K Cardio session. Move through this one at a consistent pace in order to maximize your weight loss results. 

Keep in mind, eating meats and veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar should be a daily part of your regime if your aim is to lose weight. Let’s double down and nail the fitness and nutrition. 

Monday: We see a squat volume workout every year in the Open. This is a great training piece for that. Those 50 jumping lunges are spicy, do them with integrity and jump high. You’ll get more out of them. The post WOD work will help you continue to PR your squats.  
Tuesday: Barbell cycling when it comes to the competition world is king. If you struggle with cycling the barbell, keep the weight lighter and move well. If this is a great workout for you, find a way to challenge yourself. Maybe that’s breaking it up differently, maybe that’s bigger sets. Have some fun with this classic hero WOD and the strength work before
Wednesday: We’re getting into open season and this base we’re building for pulling volume is massively important. C2B are usually the big separator or one of them every year. We also see a grippy workout, so between the weighted strict pull ups and the post WOD carry. Really stay mentally locked in and push your carries as far as you can. They will have massive payouts come the open. 
Thursday: Speaking of Open 20.2 is one of my favorite cardio workouts. This workout will show your weakest point so take note of it because we have a few months to improve it. Some it will be the thrusters, leg fatigue, shoulders, midline, grip, double unders, breathing. Either way, understand where things break down so we can practice and improve them moving forward. 
Friday: You’ll have a heavy set of 5 Push presses along with lots of pushing and pulling afterwards with intensity. If you struggle with the push up game or pushing this should be on your radar today to make it in. 
Saturday: PreWOD you have some hang power snatches. WOD wise we talked about grip the other day, this is another chance to improve your posterior change, grip capacity, front rack / weight lifting capacity. Really focus on holding a great position for that front rack while your partner works. It will transfer over to everything else
Sunday: You have a 5K Run, Row or 10K Bike. if you struggle with longer cardio pieces make sure you’re in today to get another notch in the belt in terms of pacing and increasing that capacity in a singular domain. 

As always there is plenty of bonus work! So get that done!