Weekly Fitness Overview July 25 – July 31

Team! Here is the weekly overview. Bonus work is also below.
Games Workouts: 2
Heavy Lifts: 2
Metcons Over 12 Minutes: 6
Wrapping up our games focus month we will have two challenging workouts. Tuesday, we have the 2021 toes-to-bar and run in a partner format. Saturday, we have the 2019 “The Standard” as partner or individual. Wednesday we have a great heavy day following the Games toe-to-bar workout. Thursday and Friday are workouts that limit overall volume while maintaining variety. Thursday and Friday will also keep you ready to excel on Saturdays workout. 
Weight Loss: You have so many opportunities this week. Monday is a great rowing and push up piece. This will allow you to get your heart rate up, focus on your midline and building muscle. Tuesday is a longer workout. It’s again, all midline and this time running. If for some reason you can’t run we’ll have you bike since you rowed yesterday. Even if you run less it’s better than biking today. Anytime I can get someone to run and carry their own body weight I would normally prefer that over biking. Wednesday is our heavy day. It will allow you to test your strength, yet also build muscle and burn fat. I love a good heavy day because as you lose weight, your strength numbers continue to improve. Thursday Is a great 15 minute mover. If you want to stay lighter and go faster, fantastic. It also allows you to pull your body through space with those pull ups or banded pull ups depending on your capacity. Friday, it’s summer so again we’re hitting the midline. This all midline and shoulders between the jump rope and weighted sit ups. Saturday is 90 Reps that are sure to challenge you  and help you keep burning fat all weekend long and Sunday is all body movement. My favorite days for weight loss this week are Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  
Community: This week we have two benchmark workouts that will be done with a partner. Tuesday and Saturday are both workouts where one person works at a time allowing you and your partner to partition the workout as needed. This is a great way to play off each other’s strengths and even push each other a little bit, helping your partner get 1% better that day. We have another opportunity (which is my personal favorite) to partner up and lift some heavy weight together on Wednesday with the heavy front squats along with Thursday where there are 5 sumo DL every minute on the minute. Friday has a post workout 3 rounder of plank holds and GHD Hip Extension. Planking with a friend is always more fun :).  Sunday is a guns- a-blazing 500M Row. This is one you’ll want to do either against or next to a friend so you can either compete or cheer them on, you pick. When it comes to community, there’s also The Warlock Kids Camp (Aug. 8th-12th & Aug. 22nd – 26th) and more importantly the Summer Social on August 27th! Both of these are great opportunities to continue to connect both inside and outside of our four walls at Warlock. My favorite days for this week for community are Sunday, Tuesday, Saturday and Friday

Competitor: This is like a dream come true this week. You get all the fun workouts without truly being crushed. Monday is a skill day, focus on the HSPU and row consistently. If you don’t have the skill of HSPU or they’re weak either pick a progress that will allow you to practice or only row as hard as allows you where your HSPU don’t fall apart. Tuesday, you get to do the toe to bar run from the 2021 games in a you go I go situation, which means you’re running fast and pushing the tempo. For our higher skilled gymnasts this isn’t a lot of toes to bar, which means that it’s a running test. Embrace the uncomfortable. If you struggle with toes to bar, use this as a chance to practice slightly bigger sets than normal and or work on the skill. This isn’t a hole you want to have in your game if you want to be competitive. Wednesday we’re going to move some heavy loads in the front squat and there’s a big 400M front rack walk. This is great accessory work. If you’re a competitor, you need to be here on Wednesday. Thursday is a great day for volume strict pull ups and Deadlift work. If you struggle with your deadlift or strict chin up. This is a great day to practice and get that volume in. Friday, super simple yet not easy. 250 double unders. Let’s really push the pace on the double unders and challenge ourselves to do bigger than normal sets. The GHD Hip extension on the end is also a win in terms of increasing capacity. Saturday’s standard is the focus of the week. You’re welcome to do this as a team or individual. If 30 Muscle ups in a lot, partner up with someone. If it is not, I would suggest doing this solo. There are some of you that must hit this volume individually in order to continue to progress. If you’re going to do a lot of standing around and 30 reps of each is a lot, partner up. This is intended to be a 9-15 minute workout. Sunday is a great mover for a flush if you want to get in and sweat and or test your 500M Row. Your focus this week is Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Saturday
Gymnastics Focus: Saturday, Thursday, Tuesday, Monday 
Weightlifting Focus: Wednesday, Thursday 
Open Prep: Monday, Saturday 
As always there’s plenty of bonus work below! 3,2,1 Let’s have a great week.