Thursday September 27, 2018

10:30 am tomorrow Ashley is running a 400m for a test. If you’re interested you’re welcome to join us at the Spakcenkill track to test your 400M also. We’ll bring you through a warm up and then we’ll test your 400. 400m is 1 lap around the track as fast as possible.

“There is something wrong if you’ve failed to measure up to your ability because you haven’t prepared.” – John Wooden

A. Little Macho – EMOM x 10
3 Power Cleans
3 Push Presses

B. “Knotted Up” – AMRAP 15
200M Run
2 Rope Climbs @ 15ft
20 Push Ups

Performance – Rope Climbs 12 ft
Fitness – 2 Rope Descents (feet on ground)
Fitness Light – 12 Ring Rows