Thursday June 29, 2017

“A person with a growth mindset sees effort as the path to mastery”

On The Turf

A. EMOM x 16
Min 1: 10 High Pull L
Min 2: 10 High Pull R
Min 3: 10 Press L
Min 4: 10 Press R

B. For Quality
100 Push Ups
3:00 Bottom of a Front Squat Double KB Hold
100 Russian KB Swings
400M 1 Arm OH DB Carry
* Partition as needed

*CJ and I will be at the Unionvale Middle School track ready to work out at 7:30 am for a running workout. I suggestion you bring a watch. This your invitation if you want to join us for the workout.

Warlock Weightlifting:
Technique Primer: Muscle Snatch + Push Jerk in Snatch – 3 x (3+3) (light)
1. Power Snatch -HS
2. Power Jerk – HS
3. Weighted Back Ext: 3×20