Thursday December 13, 2018

“If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.”

A. 1 Rep Max Strict Press

B. 5 Rounds On The Every 3 Minutes
20/14 Calorie Row
40 Double Unders
5 Hang Power Cleans

Climb in weight on the hang power cleans. Score is slowest round.

B. Seated dumbbell press: 2 x 15 reps
C. Triceps press down 2×10 (you can use a band for these; choke it up enough to make 10 reps very hard).

*Our Warlock Holiday Party is Saturday December 15 at 7 pm at Ice House in Poughkeepsie. Appetizers, Beer and Wine Open bar until 10 pm. Feel free to bring your significant other. Cost is $40 per person. Please sign up with one of the coaches at the front desk if you haven’t done so already. Thanks!