Thursday December 1, 2016

“Step up to the bar like you own that thing, not like you’re asking permission of it.”
Mark your calendars – December 17 from 7-9 pm we will be having our Warlock Athletics Holiday Party at The Poughkeepsie Ice House. There will be a beer and wine open bar with appetizers. Cost is $30 per person.  Any questions please email Tickets will be available online in the near future. Tickets must be purchased in advanced.
A. Push Press + Push Jerk EMOM x 10
50 OH Lunges @ 45/25
35 V Ups
20 G2OH @ 45/25
Part 1: 5 x 2 Minute row with 30 sec rest between reps
rest 3 Minutes
Part 2: 5 x 1 Minute Row with 1 Min rest between reps
rest 3 minutes
Part 3: 5x 30 Second Row with 2 Minutes between reps
*Workout Details: This is a pacing based workout that will test your ability to feel a moderate, fast and sprint rowing pace. Focus on pacing consistency.
Part 1: Row for 2 minutes at a very sustainable moderate pace while looking at your monitor. Record the meters you rowed during the 2 minutes. You goal over the next 4 intervals is to match your round 1 meters without looking at your monitor. Give yourself 1 point for each meter you miss (above or below) from your first round distance. Focus on keeping the total score in each part less than 25.
Part 2 and 3. Same as part 1 except you will record the meters you row during the first rep of your intervals. Same scoring applies. Don’t look at the monitor, go by feel.