Sunday June 25, 2017

Bulletproof Workshop Overview from The Active Life on Vimeo.

We are hosting the Bulletproof Workshop from 10-3 tomorrow. If you still want to attend click here to register. There are 2-3 spots left available.

Come Ready To Train. This is a hands-on workshop with lots of lifting, mobility and flexibility testing. You do not need to be strong or flexible to attend. This workshop is for athletes of all levels. Come prepared to: deadlift, squat, press, perform bodyweight movements

Our goal is not to smoke you; however, the assessments are challenging and you will be tired when you leave.

There are no regularly scheduled classes. If you are not attending the Bulletproof Seminar you have two options.


  1. Rest Day
  2. Surfer on Acid – 3 Rounds – 400M Run, 21 Burpees