Sunday February 7, 2021

“We’re not an object, we’re a process.” – Justin Mager

Primer: 7 Minutes For Quality
45s Row 
7 Split Leg Romanian DL KB DL
7 Bent Over Row
7 Goblet Squats

Pigeon Pose  

“The Chain” Teams of 2 – AMRAP 22
*You Go I Go Rounds 
12 Cal Row
10 KB Swings @ 53/35
8 Burpees Over the Rower

Stimulus: Threshold
Let’s push the pace on the rower in between your 1K and 2K pace
KB Swings Unbroken
Burpees Push The Pacing

10 Rounds: 1 to 1 Work to Rest 

Dumbbell Version 
30s Run
10 DB Hang Clean and Jerk
8 Burpees Over the DB

Bulletproof Shoulders: 
30s Run
10 KB Swings
8 Top Up Burpees + a jump over a line

No Equipment
30s Run
10 Odd Object Ground to Overhead
8 Burpees Over Odd Object