Sunday December 20, 2020

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Lessons From This Week
12. Give All and Take Nothing
13. Communicate
14. Connect
15. Become a “Come With Me Teammate
16. Practice Selfless Compassion
17. Show You Care

3 Minute Machine, increasing intensity every 45 seconds 
8 Minutes for Quality: 
5 DB Bent Over Row | 5 DB Strict Press | 5 Goblet Squats | 5 Tempo Push Ups 

WOD: Threshold Conditioning On Any Machine

On the Minute x 6:  20s Machine | 40s Rest
Rest 2 Minutes
On the Minute x 4: 30s Machine | 30s Rest
Rest 2 Minutes
On the Minute x 2: 40s Machine | 20s Rest

Score is total calories

Body Armor: 
4 Rounds: 30 V-Ups + 15 Pausing Banded Glute Bridges 
90s Rest between Rounds 

No V-Ups?: Tuck Ups or Medball Abmat Sit Ups