Saturday July 23, 2016

Tom Limerock

This weekend there is a bunch of stuff going on and wanted to make sure everyone knows the slight changes to the schedule. I’m going to be making less and less of these schedule change announcements on the website because at this point everyone should be using MindBody. Everything in MindBody is up to date and the schedule is below. Tom will also be heading up to Limerock to defend his title. The race kicks off Saturday at 3:05 pm. I will be leaving from the gym at around 1 if anyone is interested in riding up. I’m sure Tom would appreciate the Warlock support and it’s an awesome event if you have some extra time and funds to make it to the race! Click Here for Tickets

Saturday Schedule:

7:00 am – Class @ Warlock (not a typo with the time, yes it’s at 7 am)

8:30 am – Track Workout @ Union Vale Middle School

8:30 am – On Ramp @ Warlock

10 am – Yoga

11 am – Class @ Warlock

12 pm –  High School Academy

1  pm – Middle School Academy