Monday November 21, 2016

Claudia and Stephanie

“What is the best thing you can do to maximize your potential?”

A. 1 Round every 90 Seconds x 10
odd: Back Squats 8,6,6,4,4 (increase by 3-5 percent from last week)
even: 50 Double Unders

B. For Time:
50 OHS @ 135/95
50 T2B
50 Deadlifts @ 135/95

*Every time you break 30 Double Unders

A. Test 1: Bench Press 1 rep followed by max set of Pull-ups

Work up to a one-rep max and within 30 seconds of racking the lift begin the pull-ups. Any
grip is allowed on the pull-ups as long as the range of motion is complete – all the way up
and down. Key for your scores Click Here

B. 150 Push Ups for Time with a 20 lb vest.