Monday January 18, 2021

Hey Warlock Community!
     Today, Sunday January 17 we were notified of two people who tested positive for COVID-19 and were in the facility on Monday January 11 and Friday January 15. If you were exposed by those members during those classes you have been contacted. Since all of our spaces in Warlock undergo daily cleaning in accordance with the CDC guidelines, we will complete contact tracing by the end of evening and Warlock will remain open.  We have consulted with two different doctors in the Hudson River Valley, explained the details, and they agree with our decision. Tomorrow’s WOD and classes are outside. We will be doing a lot of running this week so get your running shoes, hand warmers, gloves, mittens, smiles on and get ready to work on your weakness. I know this is not ideal, please make the best of this situation, wear extra clothes. If you can not run please be prepared to speed walk to the best of your ability 🙂 There will be no modifying with rowers or bikes tomorrow. 

I encourage all of you to remain vigilant about COVID-related symptoms. If you believe that you or someone in your family has been exposed to COVID, please keep them at home and consult with your physician about the need for a test. Please realize by checking in for class you have affirmed that you are not experiencing any COVID symptoms within the past 14 days and are complying with the signs hanging up in the facility. 

For the immediate future please do the following when at the gym: 
When you come in please go to your box. The workouts are designed so you don’t need to leave or it is all designed for outside. 
Masks must be worn.
When you use the bathroom please spray down the handles, door etc
Please do not do bonus work while other classes are going on. 

Working Out At Home: 
That’s cool by us. We’re going to give you a few options: 
We will start to stream some of the classes using the mindbody platform for online classes.
At Home workouts in Healthie (still can access programming)

If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me personally 845.625.3018 or if it’s in regards to memberships. Thanks team! Let’s keep everyone Healthy, Well and Fit!

“Running is tested at the CrossFit Games more than anything else” – Ben Bergeron

400M Run
High Knees | Butt Kickers | Karaoke | Frankensteins | Floor Sweeps | Little Skips | Big Skips | Back Pedal | Figure Four | Open and Close the Gates
400M Run

Calf Stretch
Cossack Squats

ClassOutdoor WOD
Hills Have Eyes:
8 Rounds: 
325M Hill Sprint starting in the upper parking lot at the top of the stairs to the intersection. 

3 Minute recovery run down the hill as slow as you want in order to keep consistent intensity for running up the hill. Get to the bottom, take 30 seconds to reset and up you go again. This will teach you your hill speed and your recovery speed for this distance and this grade of a hill. 

If you’re scaling let’s keep the same amount of rounds let’s stop sprinting when the top athlete gets to the top of the hill. Athletes will be on their own time once this workout begins

At Home DB Version:
21 Single Arm DB Thrusters
18 Alternating DB Snatches
15 T2B
12 Single DB OH Lunges 

DB @ 50/35

Bulletproof Shoulders
21 Goblet Squats
18 Double DB DL’s
15 V-Ups
12 Single DB OH Lunges

@ 50/35