Friday Night Lights 17.5 – March 24, 2017


Warlock CrossFit Family

You all have worked your asses off for the past couple months and really given the Open everything you have every Friday, Sunday and Monday. You all were extra focused in your training, you made sleep a priority and you dialed in your nutrition over the past five plus weeks in order to do your best. I’m proud of the effort each and every one of you put forth. The effort is what gets us the great results, not an end number, standing or place finish. Imagine where you would be a year from now if you put that same level of focus, passion and care into yourself every day. How far could you move the needle in one year?

The Open for most of us isn’t about place or standing, it’s about the best version of yourself. It’s about the growth that happens within the walls of our community by pushing each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to think back to the Open last year and appreciate how far you have come since March of 2016. Think about when you first started and again, look at how far you’ve come. Take it all in and appreciate it. What you did takes time, dedication, consistency and a whole lot of hard work. Don’t lose sight of how far you’ve come, be proud of your progress. You’ve all made great strides and this is just another step in the journey, the process to the best version of yourself. Congrats on completing the Open! Have fun, be smart athletes and don’t leave anything in the tank!

Premier Sponsor: Jim Cahill – CMJ Tree Service
Hospitality Sponsor – Jeanie Bean and Family Deli
Post WOD Beverages provided by – Yuengling

Please arrive by 5 pm for the athlete briefing. The first heat is scheduled to kick off at 5:20 pm. If you miss the athlete briefing you will miss tips, strategy and standards for the workout. You are responsible for knowing the standards of the workout, there is a video below. Throughout the day our team will share our thoughts on the workout and we’ll dive deeper into this during this athlete briefing. Our goal is to have each of you get the best score possible. Focus on what you can control, have fun and I’ll see you guys tonight for the final Open workout of 2017. Issues with what is below please email

P.S. Please watch the standards video before coming in tonight.

Warlock Weightlifting: Rest Day


Heats will be up by Noon on Friday March 24, 2017