Monday December 31, 2018

I’m extremely grateful and humbled by how amazing 2018 was at Warlock CrossFit. There were so many highlights between The Open, Barbells For Boobs, Our Summer Social, Seminars, The Annual Food Drive, our most successful Nutrition Challenge yet with members losing a combine 300+ lbs. We hope you are having as much fun as we are every single day. Our goal is simple and it hasn’t changed since day one, “to give you the best hour of your day”. We hope we’ve accomplished that this past year and we plan to continue to expand upon that for 2019. Our entire staff appreciates how you come in consistently, work hard, are coachable and are truly committed to the process. Realize because you do those things you are at some point in time inspiring someone else to start or keep going. You guys are the best members we could ask for, so thank you! Hope you’re excited for a kick ass 2019.

*Today we have morning classes only. We are closed New Years Day. Enjoy!

A. Pause Front Squats 5×2 (5 second pause in the bottom)

B1. Fran 21-15-9
Thrusters @95/65
Pull Ups

Fitness: @ 75/55 | Pull Ups
Fitness Light: 45/35 | Ring Rows


B2. Frantastic
21 Thrusters + 9 Ring Muscle Ups
15 Thrusters + 15 C2B
9 Thrusters + 21 Pull Ups

@ 115/80

A. 4 Rounds:
2 Minute Recovery Row
1 Minute Moderate Row
1 Minute Sit Ups