#321 Friday 9.11.2015

There is no 6 pm class tonight. If you planned on coming at 6 you can join us for first team series workout or workout until we get going, around 6:30. Your workout will be solo or teams of 2. People who are signed up for the team series please be at the gym by 6 so we can create team first things, going over the workouts, standards and get moving. If you are around but don’t want to work out, come hang out and support your fellow Warlocks while they tackle 4 workouts in one night! This is going to be a lot of fun!

A. 6×3 Banded Deadlifts

B. 10 Minute Partner AMRAP Ascending Ladder

2 Thrusters 2 C2BPU

4 Thrusters 4 C2BPU

6 Thrusters 6 C2BPU

8 Thrusters 8 C2BPU etc, etc

* Partner A must complete the 2 and 2 then partner B does 4 and 4, Partner A does 6 and 6, Partner B does 8 and 8 etc until time runs out.

*RX Weight is 95 / 65 Scaled is 65/35

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