#316 Sunday Funday 9.6.2015


Partner Workouts are below along with how they will be scored! Have fun and see you at either the 10 am or 11 am class!

A. 12 Minutes to find a 1RM Barbell Complex. You must complete 10 burpees before each attempt. Score is combined weight for you and your partner.

5 Deadlifts + 3 Hang Squat Cleans + 1 S2OH

B. 16 Minute AMRAP

Each Partner Must Complete

3 Burpee Boxjumps @ 20

3 Power Cleans


6 Burpee Boxjumps @ 20

6 Power Cleans

then 9,9, then 12,12 etc

There is no RX Weight. Your score is the total amount of weight you move during your reps. Weight must stay the same throughout the entire workout. If I complete 44 Reps @ 155 lbs my score is 5940 plus my partners total weight.

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