#227 Saturday 6.6.2015

There is No Yoga on Saturday June 6, 2015

A. 20 Minutes to Find a 1RM Clean

B. With a Running Clock  

0-5 Minutes 

3 Clean and Jerks (Must be Unbroken) 135 / 95


9 Air Squats

5-10 Minutes – Rest

10 – 15 Minutes

3 Cleans (Must be unbroken) @ 135 / 95

6 Burpees Over The Bar

9 Air Squats

You’re looking for something different.

You’re not sure what to do. Every day you tell yourself that today will be different. That you won’t hit “snooze” and instead get up and exercise. Or, on your way home from work that you won’t drive past the gym this time.

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