18.4 Warlock Intramural Score Update

Light weight blonde lady from “One Snatch Two Jerks” left dazed and confused after Belly Dancers routine and one beer from Booty and the Beast keg. “After one beer I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to workout or dance for reps! Either way I had a blast and am definitely fitter!” says the newest blonde member of Warlock CrossFit.

Mother Thrusters -104
Just The Kip – 119
One Snatch + Two Jerks 158
Booty and the Beast 126

18.4 Spirit Points – Mother Thrusters 1, Just the Kip 2, Booty and the Beast 5, One Snatch Two Jerks 2
18.4 Performances Of The Week – Stephanie Kondas, Sonny Derenzis, Mario Zeppetelli, Heather Rancourt

18.4 Top Performances
RX – Cristy, Stephanie K, Ashley, Mario, CJ, Erik
Scaled – Abbie, Allison, Dawn, Jamie, Steven R, David S