Wednesday December 8, 2021

“Our fears are always more numerous than our dangers.” – Seneca the Younger 

Warm Up: 
5 Minute Clock with Partner:
6 PVC Step Overs
6 PVC Step Unders
10 Synchro PVC Pass Throughs
10 Synchro Mountain Climbers
4 Synchro Inchworm+Push-ups

Skill Work:
Build up to a heavy 3-rep snatch deadlift

BENCHMARK WOD: Double Isabel
For Time:
60 Snatches (135/95#)

Time Cap: 12 Minutes

For Time:
60 Snatches (115/75#)

For Time:
60 Snatches (75/55#)

Movement scaling options: 
Snatches: Reduce Loading, Single-Arm DB Options

Alternate Partner Workout:
For Time:
60 Snatches
Use a slightly heavier load each athlete could cycle for 3-5 reps, but alternate singles in the workout.

Cool down: 
1 Minute Foam Roll Quads
1 Minute Foam Roll Lower Back
1 Minute Foam Roll Calves