Tuesday November 9, 2021

“Be prepared to try as many times as it would take to win. You decide on your definition of winning.” – Erik Zeyher

Warm Up: 
On a 8 Minute Clock:
30 Seconds of each running / shoulder movement

Mountain Climbers / Scap Push-ups
High Knees / Scap Pull-ups
Side Shuffle / Shoulder Taps in Plank
Inchworm / Bear Crawl

Skill Work:
8 Minutes of Handstand Walk Progression
12 Minutes of Pre-Workout Shoulder Presses

5 Rounds For Time:
50-ft. Handstand Walk
150-ft. DB Front Rack Carry @50/35
200m Backward Run

Time: 15 Minutes
Loading: 2/5
Skill: 5/5
Volume: 4/5

5 Rounds For Time:
:30 Handstand Walk Attempts
150-ft. DB Front Rack Carry @50/35
200m Backward Run

5 Rounds For Time:
50-ft. Bear Crawl
150-ft. DB Front Rack Carry @20/10
100m Backward Run

Limited Equipment: 
5 Rounds For Time:
1 Minute Handstand Hold
50 High Knees in Place (Hold DBs in Front Rack)
500m Standing Bike (800m Echo or Assault Bike)

Movement scaling options: 
Handstand Walk: 1:00-1:30 Attempts, 1:00 Handstand Hold, 3 Pike Walk Box Rotations, 30 Shoulder Taps in Pike, 100-ft. DB Overhead Carry
DB Front Rack Carry: Loading
Backward Run: 100m Backward Run + 100m Forward Run