Tuesday November 16, 2021

“It is vain to do with more what can be done with less.” – William Of Ockham

Warm Up: 
6 Minute Clock:
Partner 1 attempts to row 100 meters. If the counter stops before or after 100 meters, Partner 1 must perform that many reps of a penalty movement.
Once Partner 1 gets off the rower to perform the penalty reps, Partner 2 will get on the rower.
The team with the most 100-meter increments at the end of the 6 minutes wins.
Penalty movements: Shoulder taps in plank, kip swings, partial wall walks, burpees, or arm circles.

Specific Warm-Up:
5 sets x 5 Strict Presses

10 Sets For Load:
1 Strict Press

Same as Rx

10 Sets For Load:
3 Strict Presses

Cardio Option:
Minute 1: Calorie bike, ski, or row
Minute 2: 1 strict press

Movement scaling options: 
Strict Press: Dumbbell single-arm options, bench press, floor press.

Cool down: 
5 Sets:
12 Archer Ring Push-ups
12 Archer Ring Rows