Tuesday July 9, 2024

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” -Albert Einstein

Warm Up: 
3 sets:
10 Spiderman lunges
10 Cossack squats (5/leg)
5 goblet squats (light)
5 paused goblet squats (light)
– Build in load as able.

Specific Warm-Up:
3-5 sets:
3 back squats

For load:
Back squat

Same as Rx

Same as Rx

Home Workout: 
5 x 1:00 rounds for reps of:
10 dumbbells reverse lunges (35/50 lb)
Max-rep dumbbell front squats
– Use two dumbbells.

Movement scaling options:
Back squat: Load, range of motion, increased reps and decreased weight, front squat, dumbbell squat

Cool down:
2 sets:
:30 child’s pose
:15-:30 Samson stretch/leg