Tuesday July 6, 2021

“On good days, work out. On bad days, work out harder.” -Anonymous

Row Conditioning: 
7 Rounds: 
300M @ 5K pace
200M @ 2K Pace
No Rest btw rounds 

14 Minute Time Cap
2 Minute Rest 

At the 16 minute Mark – 1K Row @ 2K Pace

No Rower: 
Bike: 7 Rounds
.5 Moderate
.3 Faster

Look at your RPM
2 Minute Rest 

1.5 Mile Bike For Time @ Faster Pace

Squat Mobility:
Ankle Rocks into Hamstring Stretch. 
Barbell Yoga (30s Pause) + 3 Back Squats with speed x 30

Back Squats 

Squat to a target while getting as low as possible. Range of motion is more important than weight. 

3×10 Double DB Front Rack Squat. 

Bulletproof Shoulders: 
Safety Bar Squat if you can’t get the barbell in the back rack or Goblet Squats. 

Bodyweight Version:
Spend 10 Minutes in the bottom of a squat