Thursday November 18, 2021

“We may be approaching a time when sugar is responsible for more early deaths in America than cigarette smoking.” – Lewis Cantley

Warm Up:
100 Feet of Each Movement:
1) Soldiers Kicks
2) Elbow-to-Instep
3) Hopping Drill
4) 20 Seconds Hopping Drill into 20 Seconds Jog
5) Single-Foot Pull Right
6) Single-Foot Pull Left

Specific Warm-Up:
7 Minutes Workout Movement Prep

Mini Round:
100m Run
100m Row
100m Run

Benchmark WOD:
For Time:
1 Mile Run
2000/1600m Row
1 Mile Run

Time Cap: 27 Minutes

For Time:
1000m Run
1500/1200m Row
1000m Run

For Time:
1000m Run
1000/800m Row
1000m Run

Partner Option:
1 Mile Run (with partner)
2000/1600m (alternate work and rest with partner)
1 Mile Run (with partner)

Movement scaling options: 
Run: Distance, 2x Bike
Row: Distance

Cool down: 
3 sets:
30 Seconds Reach, Roll, and Lift
30 Seconds Seated Torso Twist
30 Seconds Frog Stretch