Sunday March 14, 2021

“I think beauty and toughness is about confidence in who you are, however you want to be. I think that always shines through.” Katrin Davidsdottir

Tomorrow we have Open gym from 10-11:30. There is no scheduled class. If you wish to do the workout below that is great. If you want to redo 21.1 you are welcome to. Team up with someone who is redoing the WOD also. Take turns judging each other. You must know the standards and enforce the standards. Failure to meet the standards for these workouts will result in an invalid score. Any questions please ask a coach.

7 Minutes For Quality
45s Row 
7 Romanian DL
7 Muscle Cleans
7 Bent Over Rows

Pigeon Pose 

GYM WOD: Skill Sess
EMOM x 24 Minutes:

Min 1: Cardio Machine
Min 2: Open Skill Work
Min 3: 2-3 Turkish Get Up


Dumbbell Version 
Everything the same

Bulletproof Shoulders: 
Everything the same 

No Equipment
Everything the same