Sunday January 29, 2023

“Why is it that humans dread adversity when it is the only thing that makes us better?” -Anonymous 

Warm Up: 
2 rounds:
Each drill down 50-ft and back:
High knee karaoke
Over the hurdle
Knee to chest
Lunge with a pause and reach up
Lunge with a torso twist
Toe touch kick
High knees
Butt kicks

1 round:
Run 100-m, moderate pace
Rest 1:00
Run 100-m: run 100-m, faster pace
Rest 1:00
Run 100-m: 100-m, fast pace

Skill Work:
For total time:
800-m run
– Rest 1:00
400-m run
– Rest :30
200-m run

5 rounds for time:
75 double-unders
25 push-ups

Intended Stimulus: 11-15 Minutes

5 rounds for time:
1:00 double-unders
25 push-ups

5 rounds for time:
50 single-unders
15 push-ups

5 rounds for time:
75 double-unders
25 push-ups

5 rounds for time:
75 lateral hops over an object (3 in)
25 push-ups

Movement scaling options:
Double-under: Attempts, time cap, penguin taps
Push-Up: Box elevated push-ups
Run substitutions:
800-m run: 1,600/1,800-m C2 bike, 2,000/2,300-m air bike, 800/1,000-m row or ski 400-m run: 800/900-m C2 bike, 1,000/1,150-m air bike, 400/500-m row or ski 200-m run: 200-m run: 400/450-m C2 bike, 500/575-m air bike, 200/250-m row or ski

No equipment option:
5 rounds for time:
75 forward/backward hops to a low target (3 in)
25 push-ups

Cool down:
1 set:
1:00 lacrosse ball calf mash/side
1:00 calf stretch/side