Saturday November 5, 2022

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” -Ken Blanchard 

Warm Up: 
2 sets:
:40 high knees
:40 bear crawl steps (2 forward, 2 back)
:40 jump squats
:40 alternating spiderman

Specific Warm-Up: 
4 sets:
1 deadlift
1 clean
1 hang clean
1 jerk

7 sets for load:
1 deadlift
1 clean
1 hang clean
1 jerk
– Athletes may power or squat clean and push or split jerk, but the complex must be unbroken.

Same as rx

Same as Rx

5 unbroken sets for total time:
10 DB deadlifts
10 DB cleans
10 DB hang cleans
10 DB shoulder-to-overheads
– Rest as little as needed to complete all 40 reps unbroken on each set.

5 sets for reps:
:30 alternating single-leg squats
:30 air squats
:30 walking lunge steps
:30 burpees
– Rest 3:00 between sets.

Movement scaling options:
Deadlift: Deadlift of a 2″ riser
Clean: Hang clean, front squat, DB clean
Hang clean: Front squat, DB hang clean
Jerk: Push press, front squat, DB split jerk, DB push jerk

DB option:
7 sets for load:
5 DB deadlift
5 DB clean
5 DB hang clean
5 DB jerk

Cool down:
2:00 seated straddle stretch
– Hold :40 on the left leg, right leg, and in the center