Saturday May 14, 2022

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” -Walter Winchell 

Warm Up: 
1 set:
20 jumping jacks
10 synchronized up-downs
10 ring rows

1 set:
20 skier jacks
10 synchronized burpees
5 pull-to-stands

1 set:
200-m run
10 synchronized push-ups
1-2 rope climbs

5 rounds with a partner:
800-m run
50 push-ups
5 rope climbs (15 ft)

Partners will run together and split the push-ups and rope climbs as needed.
Time Cap: 40 Minutes

5 rounds with a partner:
600-m run
40 push-ups
4 rope climbs (15 ft)

5 rounds with a partner:
400-m run
30 push-ups
6 pull-to-stands

Movement scaling options: 
Run: Distance, bike, row, SkiErg
Push-ups: Reps, push-ups on knees, DB floor presses
Rope climbs: Reps, 10 pull-to-stands, 15 ring rows

Limited equipment:
5 rounds with a partner:
800-m run
50 push-ups
15 strict pull-ups
– Partners run together.
– Break up the push-ups and strict pull-ups as needed between the partners.

Cool down: 
30 reach, roll, and lift