Saturday July 24, 2021

“Results matter.” -Anonymous

Come wish CJ Good Luck at 9 am today as he prepares to head to the CrossFit Games from Tuesday Thursday as he competes for the title of Fittest on Earth!
We’ll have a special class / WOD where you can train along CJ during the 8 am and then our regularly scheduled WOD for the 9 and 10 am! Don’t worry, he’s reloading. It won’t be a crazy workout. See you in the morning.

For full details on how to watch the games, event coverage, leaderboard and much more visit

8 am WOD:

Teams of 2 –
Partner A Completes 4 Rounds of
15 Cal Row
15 Burpees

Directly into

Partner B Completes 4 Rounds of
15 Cal Row
15 Burpees.

Score is total Time
Time Cap 18 Minutes

2 Rounds 
10 Sync Muscle Cleans
100M Run
10 Sync Strict Press 
100M Run 
10 Sync Front Squats
100M Run

Warrior Squat

Synchro Clean and Jerk On the Every 90s x 5 Rounds 

Both partners will synchronize the clean, meeting at the top of the lift. And Synchro the Jerk, finishing in the lockout at the same time or holding till both are at the top of the lift. 

Score is the combined heaviest weight lifted in the same set. 


Round 3: Partner A Makes lift of 200 lbs
Partner B misses lift of 100 lbs. 
(score is 200 lbs)

Rd 4: Partner A misses 225.
Partner B Makes 115.
(score is 115 lbs)

Round 5: Partner A makes 215
Partner B Makes 115
(Score is 330)

WOD: Triwizard cup – Teams of 2 
15 Synchro Squat Cleans | 200M RUn
12 Synchro Squat Cleans | 200M Run
9 Synchro Squat Cleans | 200M Run
36 Lateral Burpees Over Bar | 200M Run
9 Synchro Push Jerks | 200M Run
12 Synchro Push Jerks | 200M Run
15 Synchro Push Jerks | 200M Run

Time Cap 20 Minutes: Barbell 155/105 

Run: .4 Mile Bike 

Dumbbell Version: 
Replace Barbell with Double Dumbbells 

Bulletproof Shoulders: 
15-12-9 Goblet Squats | 200M Run
36 Top Up burpees 
Single DB OH Hold While Partner Push Jerks 

No Equipment:
15-12-9 Squat Jumps | 200M Run
36 Burpees 
9-12-15 HSPU | 200M Run