Monday November 14, 2022

“Some people have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can.” – Willis Whitney 

Warm Up: 
50-ft of each:
High knee carioca/direction
Over the hurdle
Knee to chest
Figure four
Deep lunge (:01 hold/rep)
Lunge + twist towards lead leg
Toy soldiers/toe touches
High knees
Butt kickers
Straight leg kicks
Side shuffles/direction
Lateral jump jacks/direction
Sitting arm swings (:20 in place)
Standing arm swings (:20 in place)
Toes out walk
Toes in walk
Walk on heels
Walk on toes
Walk on outside of foot
Walk on inside of foot

Specific Warm-Up: 
Every :30 x 2 sets:
25-m run

Every :45 x 2 sets:
50-m run

Every 1:00 x 2 sets:
100-m run

2 rounds for time:
800-m run
50 jumping lunges

Time Cap: 16 Minutes

Same as Rx

2 rounds for time:
400-m run
30 walking lunges

2 rounds for time:
800-m run
50 jumping lunges

Movement scaling options:
Run: Distance, run substitutions
Jumping lunges: Reps, pendulum lunge, lunges in place

Lower-body injury option:
800/1,000-m ski
30 x (2 shoulder taps + 1 push-up)

Post-Workout Skill Work: 
3 sets:
20 weighted GHD hip extensions
10 banded side-steps (left)
10 banded side-steps (right)