Monday June 5, 2023

“I hope your Monday is full of motivation AND appreciation, because we are going to get so much further in life if we can keep those two hand in hand.” -Michaela North

Warm Up: 
2:00 row, bike, or SkiErg

1 set:
10 alternating spiderman stretches
5 push-ups to down dog
10 air squats, slow and controlled
5 push-ups to down dog
10 reverse lunges
5 push-ups to down dog
10 single-leg squats or air squats

Gymnastics Practice Time:
10 Minutes to work on gymnastics skill

Specific Warm-Up:
1 round on machine of choice:
:30 slow
:30 pick up the pace
:30 fast

Conditioning challenge:
20:00 to establish max meters on a machine of your choice.

Same as Rx

Same as Rx

On a 20:00 clock:
Run for max meters
– Record scores in increments of 50 meters.

Movement scaling options:
Machine of choice: Pace

Cool down:
1:00 foam roll quads
1:00 foam roll lower back
1:00 foam roll calves