Monday August 2, 2021

“You always have choices.”

Red Sky 
0-10 Minutes: 
4 Rounds:  30 Air Squats | 200M Run 

Remaining Time within the 10 Minutes: 
Ground to Overhead with a plate @ 45/25

No Run: 
200M Walk 
100M Jog or Speed Walk
* If you came in on a stretcher and/or can’t walk the 200m please stop and go see a local physical therapist.   

Ankle Rocks into Hamstring Stretch. 

Barbell Yoga (30s Pause) + 3 Back Squats with speed x 30

Strength: Back Squats 

Squat to a target while getting as low as possible. Range of motion is more important than weight. 

Mindset: Keep in mind this is for quality and is not a 10 rep max.