Friday November 12, 2021

“Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace.” – Robert J Sawyer 

Partner Warm Up:
6 Minute Clock:
Partner 1 performs a 100m jog while Partner 2 performs a movement. When Partner 1 returns, they transition to the movement while Partner 2 heads out on the run.

1) Alternating Single-Leg Toe Touches
2) Elbow-to-Instep Stretch
3) Hamstring Scoop Stretch
4) Alternating Toe Touch in Plank
5) Air Squat + Good Morning

Specific Warm-Up:
6 Sets x 100m Jog
2 Sets x 200m at Moderate Pace

Every 4 Minutes for 7 Sets:
200m Sprint

Time: 25 Minutes
Loading: 1/5
Skill: 1/5
Volume: 2/5

Intermediate / Beginner:
Same as Rx

Partner Relay Option:
Teams of three or four:
Athlete 1 completes the 200m run, then tags Athlete 2.
Continue this way until all athletes have completed 7 total rounds.

Movement scaling options: 
Run: Reduce total round volume, 250/200m Row, 500/400m Bike, 250/200m Ski, 700/500m Echo or Assault Bike.

Cool down: 
100 Weighted Sit-ups @35/25
Everytime you break perform 30 Seconds arch-up hold

3 Sets:
30 Seconds Banded Hamstring Stretch / Side
30 Seconds Couch Stretch / Side