Friday July 30, 2021

Congratulations to CJ for an awesome week and for competing at the 2021 NoBull CrossFit Games. It’s amazing to make it there once, and you’ve managed to do it 4 times. Thanks for taking time out of your training to help our members continue to improve and give everything you have to the team which is our Warlock CrossFit Community.

You can check a recap of all of the actions at .

Thank you to everyone who cheered, supported and watched during this past week. It’s an amazing accomplishment to make it to the Games and have a great week like CJ did. It also takes a village to get there, from Physical Therapists, Friends, Classes, Training, Coaches etc. Realize that when you step foot in our gym, into classes you’re helping everyone around you get better so thank you! I’m glad, proud and thankful you’re a part of our Team! To have one of our own make it there for a 3rd year in a row is quite the accomplishment to CJ and our entire community so thank you and congratulations!

You can continue to watch fitness all weekend on the Games site as CrossFit crowns the Fittest on Earth

EMOM x 8
Odd: burpees 
1 Muscle Snatch +
1 SGPP +
1 OHS +
1 Snatch Balance +
1 Hang Snatch

Pause OHS
Lizard Stretch 
Couch Stretch  

EMOM x 7
1 Pwr Snatch + 1 OHS
Build to a heavy complex 

WOD: Chunky Monkey 
9-8-7: Pwr Snatch | OHS
30 Cal Assault Bike 
6-5-4: Pwr Snatch | OHS
30 Cal Assault Bike
3-2-1: Pwr Snatch | OHS

RX @ 165/115 | Time Cap: 18 Minutes 

OHS: Single DB Overhead Lunges @ 50/35 
Assault Bike: 45 Cal Row 

Dumbbell Version: 
Double DB Snatch | Single DB OHS 
30 Cal Assault Bike

Bulletproof Shoulders: 
Renegade Row | Single DB OH Lunges 

No Equipment:
PVC Power Snatch |
400M Run