Christmas List: Warlock CrossFit – Gear for New CrossFitters

Lots of newbie CrossFitters results in lots of questions about what gear to get for Christmas. Our full holiday list is below! Besides grabbing the gear, paying for a month or part of their gym membership is always appreciated because without the membership whoever your shopping for won’t be able to put all this great gear to proper use! If you can’t stop in where they work out give us a buzz we will happily accommodate this Holiday Season (845.406.4350). Enjoy the list below and happy shopping!

1. Rebook Nano’s – 79.99 to 109.99 – Nano’s are the standard CrossFit sneaker. The big difference between Nano’s and running, cross training and basketball sneakers are they are made for CrossFitting. It’s a lightweight sneaker that is designed to put more weight in the heel (verses on the toes like normal sneakers). They’re lightweight, durable and pretty comfortable. 4.0 are the newest model, 3.0 are slightly older and 2.0’s have been out for a little while. They are all great shoes. *Be aware the 4.0 tends to run a half a size to a full size larger than how most sneakers fit. 2.0 run true to the size. If you’re around a Rebook outlet you will most likely find them for cheaper. I recommend Rogue because I have done a lot of work with them and they have been nothing short of fantastic. If you sign up for the Reebok newsletter you get 15% of your purchase 🙂

2. SR1 Rogue Bear Speed Rope – 21.95 – Having your own jump rope is like having your own race car as a driver. That rope is yours and tailored to your height. If you’re serious about getting into Warlock CrossFit, get your own jump rope that is tailored specifically to your height. The difference between this rope and the cheaper versions is this rope is lighter and faster than the standard 15 dollar one you buy from any random store.

3. 2Pood Metcon Lifiting Belt – 39.95 – USE THE CODE WARLOCK FOR 11 % OFF YOUR PURCHASE! Bigger, more expensive and name brands aren’t always better. 2Pood makes some of the best lifting belts in the game and at 40 bucks you can’t beat the price. They’re durable, comfortable and have saved my ass on quiet a few lifts I shouldn’t have made. Anyone who is a CrossFitter will greatly appreciate their own belt! They also come in different waste sizes and colors. The other huge plus is it’s a velcro waste rather than notched out so you can get it to fit just right when going for those big PR lifts down the road.

4. Rogue Hand Grips – 21.95 – If you love your CrossFitter you’ll get this gift. This will save them from ripping their hands. I prefer these over the cloth ones which tend to slip more on the coated pull up rigs. You’ll still occasionally rip, get blisters etc. but this is definitely something that will allow you to get an extra 30-80 reps before ripping those hands wide open.

5. Clothing –  Whether it’s shorts, t-shirts / hoodies from their local affiliate (wink wink), spandex, tall socks, sports underwear (compression shorts) and especially a great sports bras for women. All of those are greatly appreciated and you can ever have enough of. Jockey Compression shorts at Kohl’s are reasonably priced, Marshalls believe it or not has some great CrossFit gear at amazing prices. If you want to pay top dollar and get the latest gear visit Rebook CrossFit online or discounted stop by a Rebook Outlet.

Other great places to look for gear is

Latitude Gear RX – Use the Code michelle40 (all lower case, no spaces) for 40% off your gear! Part of the purchase will go towards funds for regional competitor and friend just down the street Michelle Fountain at Poughkeepsie CrossFit! So if you like something from this website help her out and use her code.

Rogue Fitness: Proudly made in the USA, T Shirts, Shorts and all the gear you could ask for!

2POOD Awesome shorts and other gear! Use The code WARLOCK for 11% off your order

Reebok CrossFit  – Because who doesn’t love an official Rich Froning and Camille T Shirt!

6. Regular Wrist Wraps – 12.00 – Wrist wraps gift give you that extra support while doing gymnastic movements or olympic lifting. The difference between the heavy duty and regular wrist wraps are heavy duty restricts the range of motion. Most newbie CrossFitters don’t need the range of motion restricted to the point of the heavy duty wrist wraps so that is why we recommend the regular wrist wraps.

7. Olympic Weightlifting Shoes –  89.95 – 199.95 – While these aren’t necessary till later on down the road they make a huge difference and are a game changer for squatting and olympic lifts. While Rich Froning can snatch 305 lbs in nano’s it doesn’t hurt us to get every little bit of stability we can out of our footwear.

8. Rubber Wedding Rings – 19.99. Slightly over priced for a small piece of rubber, but can you put a price on love? They did its 19.99 haha. Lifting with a ring or wedding ban on is uncomfortable, can damage the ring and is most importantly unsafe. Do your significant other a favorite and get them one of these.

9. Rogue M 80 foam Roller – 32.99 With CrossFit comes lots of aches and soreness. Do them a huge favor and get them a solid roller for them to use at the gym for warm up / at home in front of the TV. If they don’t immediately thank you for it they will down the road! Rogue offers a wide assortment of rollers so pick your favorite. I like the M80 but if you want to go cheaper you can get an M80 Grenade for 20 bucks.

10.Reebook CrossFit Lite TR 69.99-79.99 – Totally not needed but they are hands down the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever worn and they are on sale! Make sure you double check to make sure you’re ordering the correct gender sneakers.