Warlock CrossFit Re-Opening Plan

Monday May 11, 2020

Hey Warlock Family! A huge thank you to each and every one of you who have been able to support Warlock through these challenging times at any point in time. Our coaches, Chris and I are super grateful for your generosity, love, care and sense of community. This community was built on fitness and it’s incredible to see the true meaning of community during this difficult time as we all come together to help pick each other up in some way, shape or form. I am so appreciative that you have been keeping memberships, ordering t-shirts, making purchases through WOD and Done, are sharing our videos, making comments and being engaging. It’s been helping us keep up with the bills and keep the lights on for when you come back. 

I want to take a few minutes to communicate a few things: 

Memberships, everything with your fitness is available online through Move The Needle. Modifications for workouts, some equipment, all equipment, no equipment, bonus, scaling, it’s all there. 
I strongly suggest you jump on zoom for a class if you haven’t. It’s incredibly motivating and will allow you to push a little harder / show up because your peers are watching.

If you need to freeze, put on hold, adjust your membership for any reason please just email Chris@WarlockAthletics.com we’re happy to accommodate. 

Every person who keeps their membership active through May will be receiving a $100 Gift card ($25 store credit per brand) to O2, Born Primitive, Bear Komplex, Puori. Also If you complete the most virtual classes on Zoom in May you will receive 15 Free Meals from Fuel For Life. 15% of any meal sales go back to Warlock if you enter the code WARLOCK. That 15% will be going directly back into Warlock facility that you guys will see the benefit too. We are also using the funds from the Online Support Your Box Fundraiser to cover bills and payroll so we can continue to keep staff working. 

There’s a lot of stuff at your disposal, some of which people are aware of and some that has fallen through the cracks because there’s a lot going on. So I wanted to lay out the important pieces in one spot. 

We’re offering:
 17 zoom classes per week
2 Yoga Classes per week
3 Kids Classes per week. 

You have access to an online platform to contact your coach directly. 
You have write ups about the workout, mindset, primers, mobility, bonus, stimulus, strategy. 
Within the platform you can send videos to your coach for feedback, track PR’s, workouts, measurements, food, progress and much more.  
You can ask for additional individualized programming and modifications outside of classes
Online Seminars with Move the Needle.
We’ve teamed up with Ascent for Free giveaways of products.

We’re actively thinking outside the box to keep you guys engaged while still keeping things simple and based around the fact that this is about fitness, health and wellness, which is needed now more than ever before. 

My job during all of this is to provide you all with as much value as possible and that’s different for everyone. For some people that means rental equipment, for some people that means zoom classes, other’s it’s just an atta-boy every once in a while and a check in message. Everyone is different. We are definitely taking notes on how we can improve this currently, making daily adjustments and also looking at how we can improve this in the future. If there is anything, big or small we can do to make your experience better, all you need to do text 845.406.4356 or Email me E@WarlockAthletics.com with the title
Warlock Improvements”. You will also see a survey late this week or early next. Just know that we are constantly working to make this as useful as possible for you. 

Speaking of the future, we’re also considering how we can add even more value to your membership, improve our service and help get you guys even better and faster results. One of the things that jumps out at me immediately is the class sizes. I think smaller classes are massively beneficial. Obviously a big Saturday class can be fun once in a while. We will be returning to our original roots once we open back up of limited class sizes. We are exploring options for the best way to do that moving forward. We’ve been updating the facility while you are away and have also created a 3 phrase reopening plan for when we’re given the green light to have you all back at Warlock. 

Thank you again for all that you guys are doing, your commitment and patience while we continue to adjust during these difficult times. Again, I’m here, along with Chris and the rest of the staff for all of your fitness, wellness and health needs. Stay Healthy and let’s continue to make gains and we’re looking forward to seeing you very soon!!

Erik, Chris and The Warlock Staff

WOD: Ceiling Fan 
21 Clean and Jerks @ 135/95
100 Double Unders
21 Clean and Jerks @ 135/95

On The Minute 5 Wall Ball. 15 Minute Time Cap 

For a full break down, write up stimulus, modifications and much more visit us on our App With Move The Needle.