Warlock CrossFit Re-Opening Plan



In order to create a safe environment for Employees and Members Warlock Athletics will follow a coordinated and prescribed plan for re-opening the facility once the decision is made that facilities of this type are allowed to be open to the public. All Employees will follow the directives of this plan.


The Sars-CoV-2 (aka Novel Coronavirus) is the strain of Coronavirus responsible for COVID-19. The best information available from WHO, CDC and NIH was utilized to draft this plan. This plan will be revised as new data becomes available. Some assumptions used during the drafting of the plan are:

  • Sars-CoV-2 is a droplet transmitted virus that is Novel (not before seen in population).[1]
  • There is no known herd immunity[2]
  • Droplets can reasonably be expected to travel 3-10 feet from the host during normal activities
  • Sars-CoV-2 can live on surfaces from 3 hours on paper up to 3 days on stainless steel and 4 days on paper money [3]
  • Best practices have been developed and released from the CDC to control the spread of Sars-CoV-2 and are located on the CDC website[4]
  • Certain populations are at higher risk for significant health impact from Sars-CoV-2[5]


Warlock has chosen to apply the Haddon Matrix for prevention, control and mitigation of risk related to infectious disease. The plan is organized into pre-contact, contact, post-contact to help identify proper actions at proper times. It is then further divided to Company, Facility, Community controls.


Many of the steps will be carried out in phases to gradually increase capacity as the threat is reduced. Phasing will be shown in Appendix A.

At such time that no risk exists for transmission between members of the general public, Warlock will transition back to basic infection control procedures as outlined in the Warlock Infection Control Program.

The phases will be implemented based on current best practices and guidelines from appropriate sources.


Contact: a class, personal training session, seminar, meeting or any other opportunity for contact between an infected individual and another group of individuals (employees or clients).

Disinfectant: The “green” disinfectant available in bulk at Warlock

Prior to opening to public

All employees will report and entire facility will be cleaned and disinfected.



Develop plan and train employees on specific actions required

Order and maintain proper supplies needed to implement infection control procedures

Make sure information is passed to all members before their arrival at facility


All surfaces cleaned prior to arrival of clients

Equipment organized to minimize contact with other members

Designate appropriate areas for “locker room” to minimize contact (as appropriate)

Designate entrance/exit to minimize contact (as appropriate)

Signage encouraging social distancing, good hygiene and general wellness


Educated on proper etiquette during expanded social distancing period

Aware of signs/symptoms of illness and does not enter facility if sick

Sanitize hands and personal equipment before entering facility

Signs into class using app before arrival (no iPad on desk)



Programming to minimize contact of members (no team/partner workouts)

Program as much outdoors time as feasible

Limit programming to shorter durations of member engagement (allows time to clean and leave before next wave)

Class sizes limited

Alter athlete cueing as appropriate


Delineated areas for members to occupy during activity

Equipment needed for workout is already in place (reasonably)

Additional disinfectant bottles are distributed throughout facility

Natural ventilation (weather permitting)


Maintains social distancing when moving about facility

Only attends classes as scheduled

Limits person-to-person contact

Limits interaction with in-coming and out-going classes

Clean area after contact (including equipment, floor, and any touched surfaces)



Disinfects all contact areas after designated period using prescribed disinfectant and PPE as dictated by situation.

Including but not limited to: equipment, weights, floors, door surfaces, counters, bathrooms, any other area in contact with individuals.

Re-stocks all cleaning products

Prepares equipment for next contact period

Reports any contact that may have been infectious


Designate entrance/exit (as appropriate)


Relay any illness or signs/symptoms to coach if you become sick after attending facility


The procedures of this plan will be communicated to all parties including Employees and Members. Employees will be required to attend a training session in person or via video conference and will afforded opportunity for questions, comments and feedback. Members will be notified via social media and through other electronic means.

This plan will be evaluated and may be changed at any time by Warlock management based on new information, emerging best practices or other updates as they become available.


Any questions and reports of infectious contact should be directed to the infection control officer: Chris Quinby Chris@warlockathletics.com or 845-406-4357.

Warlock takes the health of its employees and members very seriously and wishes everyone a healthy and enjoyable hour of their day.

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[2] https://www.healthline.com/health/herd-immunity; 4/22/2020

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different environmental conditions. Lancet Microbe 2020; published online April 2.


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