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Tuesday January 18, 2022

“A problem is a terrible thing to waste.” -AnonymousWarm Up: 1 set10 wall-ball front squats5 up-downs10 wall-ball push presses 5 up-downs10 wall balls 5 up-downsSpecific Warm-Up: 10 MinutesKipping Pull-Up ProgressionWOD:For time:50-35-20Wall balls (20/14 lb) (10/9 ft)Pull-upsIntermediate: For time:50-35-20Wall balls (14/10 lb) (10/9 ft)Pull-upsBeginner:For time:30-20-10Wall balls (10/6 lb) (10/9 ft)Jumping pull-upsMovement scaling options: Wall-Balls: Load, wall-ball front squat, wall-ball [...]

Monday January 17, 2022

“Be the silence that listens.” -Tara BrachWarm Up: 4 sets:10 high knees10 butt kickers10 mountain climbers10 groiners10 double knee tucks10 reps of …Set 1 | SupermanSet 2 | good mornings (unweighted)Set 3 | RDLs (empty barbell)Set 4 | good mornings (empty barbell)Skill Work: Build up to a 2-rep power cleanWOD:AMRAP 15:1 deadlift (275/185 lb)50-m run2 deadlifts100-m run3 [...]

Sunday January 16, 2022

"Be silly. Be honest. Be kind." -Ralph Waldo EmersonWarm Up: On a 6 minute clock:45 row10 knee push-ups10 kip swingsSpecific Warm-Up: Muscle Up Review 1 Set3 kip swing + 3 kips3 kipping pull-ups2:00 kipping chest-to-bar pull-ups or ring muscle-upsWOD:10 rounds of:1:00 rowRest :15:30 shoulder press (95/65 lb)Rest :15Intermediate: 10 rounds of:1:00 rowRest :15:30 shoulder press (75/55 lb)Rest [...]

Saturday January 15, 2022

“When 99% of people doubt you, you’re either gravely wrong or about to make history” - Scott BelskyWarm Up: 4 sets:20 mountain climbersRest :10:20 alternating V-upsRest :10Specific Warm-Up: 8 Minutes of toes-to-bars practiceBENCHMARK WOD: 2021 GAMES EVENT 10For time:30 toes-to-bars1.5-mile run30 toes-to-bars1.5-mile run30 toes-to-barsIntermediate: For time:30 knees-to-armpits1.5-mile run30 knees-to-armpits1.5-mile run30 knees-to-armpitsBeginner:For time:20 hanging knee raises1-mile run20 hanging [...]

Friday January 14, 2022

“The faster you move, the slower time passes, the longer you live.” -Anonymous Warm Up: 3 sets::20 work / :10 restGroinersPVC pass-throughsOverhead lungesSkill Work: 10 Minute Clock: Build up to a 5-rep overhead squatWOD:AMRAP 10:3 overhead squats (115/75 lb)30 double-unders6 overhead squats30 double-unders9 overhead squats30 double-undersContinue adding 3 reps to the overhead squats each round.Intermediate: AMRAP 10:3 overhead squats [...]

Thursday January 13, 2022

“It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.” - Scott BelskyWarm Up: 1 set:30 jumping jacks5 inchworm + push-ups:30 seal jacks10 Samson lunges / leg1 set10 tuck jumps5 inchworm + push-ups10 tuck jumps10 Cossack squatsSkill Work: 8 sets:20 bar-facing burpees:10 Rest WOD:9 sets for load:5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1Power cleansIntermediate: Same as RxBeginner:Same as RxMovement scaling options: Power cleans: Load, DB optionsAlternate [...]

Wednesday January 12, 2022

“Don’t force it.” -Anonymous Warm Up: 3 sets10 alternating scorpion stretches5 single-arm kettlebell deadlifts / arm5 single-arm kettlebell swings / arm10 squat jumps for heightSkill Work: 4 sets50-ft single KB front-rack lungeWOD:AMRAP 12:7 box jumps (36/30 in)14 KB swings (32/24 kg)Intermediate: AMRAP 12:7 box jumps (24/20 in)14 KB swings (24/16 kg)Beginner:AMRAP 12:7 box jumps (20/12 in)14 KB swings (16/8 [...]

Tuesday January 11, 2022

“Be open to whatever comes next.” -John CageWarm Up: On a 6:00 Clock:5 kip swings2 wall walks5 deck squatsBENCHMARK WOD: BARBARA5 rounds for time:20 pull-ups30 push-ups40 sit-ups50 squatsRest 3:00 per roundTime Cap: 32 MinutesIntermediate: 5 rounds for time:10 pull-ups20 push-ups30 sit-ups40 squatsRest 3:00 per roundBeginner:4 rounds for time:10 ring rows20 push-ups30 sit-ups40 squatsRest 3:00 per roundMovement scaling [...]

Monday January 10, 2022

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” -AnonymousWarm Up: AMRAP 4 Minutes10 alt. Spiderman stretch10 double knee tucks in plank10 air squats10 jumping jacksSkill Work: 10 Minute Clock: Build up to a 3-rep back squatWOD:3 rounds for time of:500/400m row21 burpees400m runTime Cap: 15 MinutesIntermediate: 3 rounds for time of:500/400m row15 burpees400m runBeginner:3 rounds for time [...]

Sunday January 9, 2022

"Sugar and other natural or artificial sweeteners are among the most addictive agents in our environment." Lewis CantleyDynamic Warm Up: 10 sets5 burpees over partnerSkill Work: On a 5:00 clock:Build up to deadlift workout weightWOD:5 rounds for time of:20 wall-ball shots (20/14 lb)(10/9 ft)10 deadlifts (225/155 lb)Intermediate: 5 rounds for time of:20 wall-ball shots (20/14 lb)(10/9 ft)10 deadlifts [...]