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Tuesday September 27, 2022

"The risk of the wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision." - Moses MaimonidesWarm Up: 6 rounds::30 single-unders:30 restSpecific Warm-Up: 1 set::20 row (easy pace)– Rest :10:20 alternating Cossack squats– Rest :101 set::20 row (moderate pace)– Rest :10:20 alternating Samson stretch– Rest :101 set::20 row (fast pace)– Rest :10:20 good mornings– Rest :101 set:1:00 row [...]

Weekly WOD Overview

Team! We are 3 months out till 2023. I want to help you reach your goals and help you reach them faster. If you haven’t booked your quarter Strategy Session do it right now! Don’t weight (haha see my joke) do it now! Strategy Session Now, let’s chat Weight Loss, Community, CompetitorsThis is a big […]

Monday September 26, 2022

"You create opportunities by performing, not complaining." - Muriel SiebertWarm Up: 1 set::30 mountain climbers10 PVC pass throughs10 knee push-ups5 squat-to-stands10 air squats– Pause in the bottom of the air squats.1 set::30 mountain climbers10 PVC pass throughs8 tempo push-ups10 alternating spiderman stretches10 plate squats– Pause in the bottom of the plate squats.1 set::30 mountain climbers10 PVC [...]

Sunday September 25, 2022

"A comfort zone is a dangerous place." - Mary Lou RettonWarm Up: 1 set:200-meter run12 single-arm BB deadlift (5/side)25-ft KB farmers carry, left25-ft KB farmers carry, right1 set:200-meter run12 eye level swings25-ft KB front-rack carry, left25-ft BB front-rack carry, right1 set:200-meter run12 KB swings25-ft KB front-rack carry, left25-ft BB front-rack carry, rightSkill Work: On a 10:00 clock:Handstand [...]

Saturday September 24, 2022

"Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it by use." - Ruth Gordon Warm Up: 1 set:10 leg swings/leg (across the body)10 leg swings/leg (front to back)10 alternating Samson stretches10 alternating scorpion stretches1 set:200-m jog10 reverse lunges1 set:200-m run10 box step-upsSpecific Warm-Up : 1 set:20 mountain climbers10 wall-ball front squats (facing the target)1 set:20 double knee tucks in [...]

Friday September 23, 2022

"Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use." - Charles SchulzWarm Up: 3 sets::30 slow PVC pass thru:30 jumping jacks:30 jumping squats– No rest between movements.Skill Work: 3 sets:10 behind the neck strict pressesWOD:5 sets for load:5 overhead squatsIntermediate: Same as RxBeginner:Same as RxHOME WOD: Equipment: EMOM 20:Min. 1 | :30 left-arm DB overhead [...]

Thursday September 22, 2022

"You become what you think about." - Early Nightingale Warm Up: 1 set::30 bike (easy pace)20 alternating plank reach throughs1 set::30 bike (moderate pace)20 alternating Cossack squats20 sit-ups1 set::30 bike (fast pace)20 air squats20 v-upsSpecific Warm-Up: GHD Sit-Up Progression / Review WOD:AMRAP 10:15 GHD sit-ups14/20 Echo bike caloriesIntermediate: AMRAP 10:15 GHD sit-ups to parallel14/20 Echo bike caloriesBeginner:AMRAP 10:15 [...]

Weekly Overview

Team! This week you will continue working on your metabolic conditioning. Most of the metcons this week are 10-15 minutes with the exception of your heavy day and the benchmark workout Kelly. Staying with the monthly focus, most of the workouts are high volume this week. You have two AMRAPs and the rest of the […]

Wednesday September 21, 2022

"Many things are improbable, only a few are impossible." - Elon MuskWarm Up: 3 sets::30 jumping jacks:30 Alternating spiderman pose:30 hollow rocks:30 air squats– rest :10 between movementsSkill Work: 5 sets for load:3 weighted strict pull-upsWOD:For time:100 burpee pull-ups– Pull-up bar is 12 in/ 30 cm above reach.Time Cap: 15 MinutesIntermediate: Same as RxBeginner:For time:100 jumping pull-ups– Pull-up [...]

Tuesday September 20, 2022

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." - Coach WoodenWarm Up: AMRAP 5:20 jumping jacks10 sumo deadlift high pulls (empty barbell)10 push-ups to down dog10 push presses (empty barbell)Skill Work: 8 sets for load:2 shoulder pressesWOD:2 rounds for time:27 push presses (75/115 lb)38/54 calorie rowTime Cap: 10 MinutesIntermediate: 2 rounds for time:27 push presses [...]