Warlock CrossFit Re-Opening Plan

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Heat Times 22.2

If for some reason I left you off or something is incorrect just let me know and we’ll get it adjusted on the white board. Athlete briefing is at 5 pm with the first heat kicking off at 5:30 pm. 3,2,1 Let’s go!

CrossFit Open 22.1 Heat Times

If for some reason you are competing and not assigned to a heat please just shoot me a text 845.299.9010 and we'll get you all in a heat. Good luck and we're excited to have you compete with us tonight!

Monday January 27, 2020

“Slow down to go fast” Primer: 2x 30s Dead Hang | 30s Walk Outs 2x 2 Wall Walks | 10 Pendlay Row Empty BB | 5 Muscle Clean and Strict Press 2x 3-5 Kipping HSPU | 3-10 Kipping Pull Ups | 5 Power Clean and Push Press Strength: Clean and Jerk – Build to a […]